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Rent Out Ficklewood Ciderworks for Your Next Event!

By John Grossi

There’s something magical about Ficklewood Ciderworks in Long Beach. It’s comfortable like a living room, yet whimsical like a dream. The stage sits in front of a backdrop full of barrels and the sound system echoes throughout the walls. Then of course, there are the 13 award-winning cider taps and that one, REALLY tall spout with the chain hanging down… pull the chain and open up the centuries-old cider tradition known as the “long-pour!”

Yes, there is something special about Ficklewood Cider. And just as millions throughout California have discovered the intrinsic beauty of winery event spaces, hundreds of people and businesses have begun to discover the unique, artistic, dreamy setting of throwing a party-to-remember in Long Beach’s only cidery.

Currently in their 3rd year as a business, Ficklewood Ciderworks owners Joe Farrier and Stefano Enjem admit they weren’t designing this to be the event space it has become. They just wanted a nice, welcoming space for friends to drink cider. “A lot of our customers hang out here for hours. We’ve designed it to be as comfortable as possible,” said Joe.

It wasn’t long before customers and local companies began asking to rent the space out for all sorts of private events: weddings, engagements, birthdays, showers, conferences, and of course, holiday parties! With great ambiance and all the necessary technological features including sound, lighting, and projector screen, the cidery’s event space is quickly becoming a go-to spot for parties big or small!

Book Now for the Holidays!

This year, Ficklewood Ciderworks is fully embracing the holiday season and making their space available for rent on pretty much any day during the holiday season! November slots are filling up fast and Joe and Stefano recommend that any companies interested in booking a holiday party to give them a call soon!

Ficklewood allows small parties to rent out a portion of their space during regular cidery hours for no additional cost except a two-drink minimum per guest. For bigger parties, depending on the scope of the event, there are rates available to rent out the entire space for day or night.

When it comes to tailoring the event to fit your needs, Ficklewood’s space is extremely adaptive. The stage area is often a hit for live performers or speeches and the furniture can be moved around to accommodate open spaces and even a dance floor. In addition to serving up their own award-winning cider, Ficklewood’s team can include other beer and wine drinks of your choice behind the bar.

With no kitchen, all food must be brought in from outside sources, but the space allows for a lot of freedom in that regard too. Vendors can set-up or drop-off food. Ficklewood also partners with a number of local restaurants and caterers who work well with their space and are happy to help coordinate the outside food and drink portion of your event upon request.

Fun Activities

In addition to live music during private events, Ficklewood has some other fun opportunities for private groups looking to team build. During private events, Ficklewood cider makers will lead interested guests in a tour of the cider-making process. Upon request during your event, Ficklewood can also lead your team/family/friends through a cider-making activity where everyone can make their own cider to take home!

With both indoor and outdoor spaces, Ficklewood Ciderworks can hold up to 125 guests for a private event. If you’re interested in throwing your holiday party this year at Long Beach’s only cidery, email to inquire about rates and reserve space!



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