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Podcast: Steve Holliday (Teacher at Stanford Middle School)

RonaV Week 25 in Long Beach! The LBUSD is back and we have our 8th grade U.S. history teacher Steve Holliday on the phone to talk about his experience with online teaching so far (15:53-42:08).

How are we coping with RonaV? The Chosen One aka Pauly Deep Pockets returns from Scottsdale. Mayor Bobby Garcia hates The Chosen One. And The Boss Man aka LB’s Sommelier breaks some wine news (1:01-15:47).

Gov. Gavin Newsom creates a new tier system to determine when counties can begin to reopen. We fix it for him (42:15-1:11:35). 908 Athlete of the Week: JuJu Smith-Schuster and his new sponsorship with MeUndies (1:11:35-1:14:46).

The Boss Man’s favorite day of the year, the Kentucky Derby is back! Sage Poland aka Doc Lock has all of the info you need on this year’s race. He’s ready to win you some money (1:14:16-1:27:46).


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