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Next Level Talent: Ryan Pellum | Millikan Football

By John Grossi

JJ Fidler and Mike Guardabascio of “562 Sports” referred to Millikan Junior Ryan Pellum last year as “lightning in a bottle,” and that identifier has stuck with Pellum’s teammates and coach Romeo Pellum (who is also his older brother). “He’s just special with the ball in his hands,” emphasizes Romeo.

Last year, the wide receiver (who also plays cornerback for Millikan and is their punt/kickoff returner) became the first sophomore in Moore League history to win Moore League Player of the Year. He was also named an All-American—not only a tremendous honor for a sophomore to achieve—but the first time any Millikan football player has been named an All-American ever!

Ryan Pellum is ushering in many “firsts” at Millikan when it comes to the football program. Last year every major college had a scout, if not coach, attending practice. Places like Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Texas, Texas A&M… the list goes on! Already 42 schools have offered the junior a full-ride scholarship to play for their football program, and the “official” recruiting won’t even begin until later this year (as a junior, per NCAA guidelines)!

Ryan Pellum’s individual talent is undeniable, but what his brother/coach likes best is Ryan’s strong “team” mindset.

“He’s a team guy, and he wants to win no matter what. He’s a winner, he hates losing. Losing isn’t accepted by him. He’s transferred that mindset over to this team,” says Romeo.

Coach Pellum invites members of the community who think they “know” Millikan football based on its past record, to come watch a game this season and experience everything that makes this year’s team special. Long-time Millikan football follower, Bill Fay, told Romeo that he thinks this is the best team he’s ever seen in the history of the program, and it’s definitely the most talented and biggest team the Rams have had in decades.

“At least 11 players from this team are going to play on Saturdays,” says Romeo. Next-level talent will be everywhere on the field this fall.



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