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By John Grossi

Photos submitted by Tribe Athletics

By John Grossi

Photos submitted by Tribe Athletics

Welcome to the tribe! Tribe Athletics in Los Alamitos may be the CrossFit gym you’ve been waiting to join... even if the sound of CrossFit still makes you cringe.

Co-owner Rob Booth started at Tribe Athletics in 2015, mostly due to convenience. It was next door to the youth sports facility where his children trained.

“It was not my cup of tea at all,” said Rob remembering his initial reaction to CrossFit. “But the other members made me want to come back. It’s the community.”

Eight years later, Rob has not only made the gym part of his daily routine, but is now a co-owner of Tribe Athletics with Mike Salvanera. The two friends (who met at the gym) bought Tribe Athletics in 2022, after learning that the previous owner was looking to step away to spend more time with his kids.

Mike, a trainer who is also the Olympic Barbell Director, says he views their ownership of Tribe Athletics as more of a duty and honor than strictly a business venture.

“This gym has meant so much to me over the years,” said Mike, “Before I joined Tribe I would never have believed that my life could be where it is now. Never mind being an own-er, but I’m also finishing up school to become a Physical Therapist. I can’t wait to serve this community as a thank you for everything it’s given me.”


When Rob and Mike took over Tribe last year, the gym already had a “chiseled core,” as in everything that has made the Tribe community a success for the past ten years was already in place– the people, the instruction, the mission, and the vibe. So how have the new owners made their mark? By doing a massive glow up on everything else. The aesthetics, you could say.

“It’s pretty much a completely new gym. We did a full remodel of the inside, lightened and brightened it up. We brought in new equipment; made everything look clean and fresh. Basically transformed Tribe into more of a premium atmosphere, but without raising the prices,” said Rob. When you walk into Tribe now you’re handed a fresh towel ahead of your workout and a eucalyptus towel afterward. “The members and coaches are still who they were before. We’ve added in a few more certified coaches to help the gym grow, but the vibe is the same.


When it comes to the workouts, CrossFit is known for its randomized, high intensity, functional movements. In CrossFit, what “functional” means is that you get your work-out while performing movements that mirror those used in everyday life. For example, learning the correct way to lift a heavy sack of dirt from Home Depot rather than focusing on traditional workout movements such as chest-press. This training not only yields amazing results when done in a high intensity setting, but also helps prepare members to continue their everyday activities and avoid injury as they age.


From a coaching perspective, the goal at Tribe Athletics is to make you want to come back and make Tribe a part of your daily routine. That means pushing you to meet fitness goals without pushing past your safety limits. “We’re not here to beat your body up with one work-out. Safety is our number one concern and our goal is a long-term approach. We want you to be a member of the Tribe for life!” said Mike.

“When you walk into our gym, I guarantee you’ll be greeted by at least 10 people, whether it’s coaches, staff, or just other members,” said Mike. “I’ve been to other gyms. They’re just not as friendly as our gym. I’m really proud of the community we have here.

”There are six classes (three in the morning, three in the evening) each weekday, and two on Saturdays and Sundays. A free class awaits anyone interested in seeing what Tribe is all about. Email for more information or to get started!



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