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March Restaurant Madness 2022! Final Bracket Release!!

If you follow our Instagram page, you know. And if you don't... time to catch up on MARCH RESTAURANT MADNESS!!!

For the 3rd year in a row, our LB908 Instagram has hosted a competition called March Restaurant Madness where we present restaurant match ups to the public using the "Instagram Poll" feature, and narrow our way to down to one "City Champion" Restaurant.

It's easy to take part in, simply follow us @LB908 and click your favorite restaurant whenever we post their name in our stories!

As of March 14th, our 2022 tournament has already narrowed the field down from 256 initial teams to the final 64! Check out the final bracket:

Think you can predict who's going to win each game? Print out the bracket, fill it out all the way to the final game, and email it to by 8am on Thursday, March 17th! Whoever predicts the most accurate bracket will win a $100 gift certificate to their favorite restaurant in Long Beach!

And don't forget, you have a say in who wins! Follow @lb908 on Instagram, vote in the polls, and encourage your friends to do the same! As we've seen over the last two years, hard work is just as important as skill in this competition. Meaning- the restaurant that really tries to "get out the vote" usually comes on top!

Happy March and Happy Madness Long Beach! Life is Great in the 908!



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