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Due to witnessed shortcomings during the pandemic, a shift in the perception of traditional education has parents seeking alternative paths for their children. Maple Village Waldorf School and the century-old philosophy of Waldorf Education align with the evolving understanding of cognitive science and human development, making it a beacon of innovation. 

Nestled in Belmont Heights, Long Beach, the independent school has seen a surge in enrollment as parents pursue an educational experience emphasizing creativity, individual expression, emotional intelligence, and interdisciplinary learning.

A local physician and parent, Aisha S., attests to Maple Village’s palpable atmosphere of kindness, inclusion, and empathy. 

“The teachers and staff truly love the children,” she says. “I changed work locations, and we finally moved to Long Beach just to be closer to the school and community.”

Maple Village is proud to be one of the most diverse Waldorf schools in the country, catering to over 200 children from birth through 8th grade. The school fosters holistic learning, moral growth, social consciousness, and citizenship.

Unlike traditional education’s reliance on textbooks, Waldorf Education takes a hands-on approach where students create their own lesson books. This fosters neural pathways, listening skills, and personal expression, leading to a deeper understanding of subjects and instilling pride in students. 

Maple Village embraces various learning styles through art, music, storytelling, games, and practical arts. For example, building blocks of math concepts transform into beautiful designs in students’ books after being presented with stories and hands-on activities.

Dean of Education Lisa McCarthy underscores the importance of connectedness to the community and the environment embedded within the curriculum from preschool through middle school. Highlighting the school’s focus on nature experiences, she explains, “If you don’t experience nature, you won’t value it.”

Maple Village is committed to sustainability and is recognized as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School and a Green Business by the City of Long Beach. 

In the face of pandemic-induced challenges, schools like Maple Village are proving that success lies in maintaining their integrative approach to educating the whole child.


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