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Long Beach Woodwinds Will Brighten Your Tune!

By Kathleen Mest

Dozens of saxophones, flutes, clarinets, and trumpets line the walls in Long Beach Woodwinds and we are probably forgetting an instrument or two. This is the epitome of a “mom and pop” shop, and owners Georgia and Rusty would like to keep it that way. They have owned this business for 17 years and their passion for music permeates the shop and is shared with their customers.

The shop specializes in woodwinds and horns and provides instrument rentals/sales, private lessons, and instrument repairs. Bryan is the owner of the Repair Shop and it is a delight to see him helping customers with their repairs. “My valve’s not working properly…” sighs a walk-in customer… Bryan dives in to diagnose the problem with care and experience.

Rusty, Georgia, Bryan, and all the instructors and technicians in the shop are also working, professional musicians. It’s not unusual for Rusty to be playing concerts at the Hollywood Bowl or in the recording studio for Pixar films. The staff knows the business and they help new musicians every step of the way. Working with schools and students is a big priority for them. They love fostering the love of music in our younger generation and being a resource to the music community.




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