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The Summer Concerts in the Park Are Back! Here's a look at the full lineup for Summer 2023. All concert begin at 6:30pm and are free:

Week 1

6/27-Whaley Park North

6/28-Los Cerritos Park

6/29-Recreation Park

6/30-El Dorado Park West

Theme: “Lights, Camera, Action” – Let’s kick off the summer with great composers from the Silver Screen. Accomplished vocalist, Nicole Kubis, along with the Studio Band.

Week 2

7/5-Los Cerritos Park

7/6-Recreation Park

7/7-El Dorado Park West

Theme: “Star Spangled Salute” – Share your Fourth of July week with the nation’s oldest and world’s finest Municipal Band. The evening will conclude with the uniquely talented, Crystal Lewis.

Week 3

7/11-Whaley Park North

7/12-Los Cerritos Park

7/13-Recreation Park

7/14-El Dorado Park West

Theme: “World Traveler” – Pack your bags as we travel on a quick musical journey around the world. The return of soulful vocalist, Derek Bordeaux, joins forces with the Studio Band.

Week 4

7/18-Bixby Annex Park

7/19-Los Cerritos Park

7/20-Recreation Park

7/21-El Dorado Park West

Theme: “It’s Showtime!” – When you are an instrumentalist in a Broadway musical, you will be banished to “the pit” to be heard, but not seen. For this week’s concert we are bringing the musicians out in the open so you can appreciate their wonderful artistic talents.

Week 5

7/25-Bixby Annex Park

7/26-Los Cerritos Park

7/27-Recreation Park

7/28-El Dorado Park West

“Take Flight” – Conductor Kurt Curtis has selected an array of music that will take you to new heights. Meloney Collins brings her powerful vocal talent to the stage to close the evening.

Week 6

8/1-Bixby Annex Park

8/2-Los Cerritos Park

8/3-Recreation Park

8/4-El Dorado Park West

Theme: “Band-tastic” – Your Long Beach Municipal Band presents some of the most defining bands of our time. This season’s finale features entertaining jazz artist, Tony Galla, along with the Studio Band.

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Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
Jul 05, 2023

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Andrey Andrew
Jul 10, 2023
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