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Local Girls Sell Homemade Slime to Raise Money for the Homeless

When life doesn’t give you lemons, you make slime.

Fourth graders Nixin Herran and Gabriella and Charlotte Torres have been going to virtual school together since the year started in September. Looking for something fun to do when not on Zoom, they thought about starting a lemonade stand business.

Only problem was, they didn’t have any lemons! So they occupied themselves with other fun activities. That is, until- one day they were making one of their personal favorites—slime – and they realized they could make a slime stand!

“We had seen some friends do lemonade stands and they said it went good,” says Nixin, “And we said, oh we can make a slime stand to help the homeless.”

The three classmates, who are currently 4th graders at Prisk Elementary, made a big batch of slime last December out of glue, clay, shaving cream, and glitter, and “magic liquid” an activator that turns the substance into slime.

They put a stand out on Palo Verde one Saturday in December, and with the patronage of their neighbors and a few passersby, they sold out!

But the story doesn’t stop there. The reason the three young entrepreneurs wanted to set up a stand in the first place was to help the less fortunate. They took the money from the slime stand and made stockings for the homeless around their neighborhood during the holidays. They filled the stockings with essential supplies, first aid kits, hygiene kits, and warm socks.

Then the young girls, with supervision of course, went to hand out the stockings on their own before the holidays to people experiencing homelessness in and around their neighborhood.

As Nixin’s mom Nina puts it, “Whenever your kids think of others it just makes your heart press a little bit. Especially during the holidays, it made me so proud to know that she was thinking of others not herself. Ultimately as parents we just want our kids to be happy, and if they’re doing something positive to help others that just takes it to a whole next level.”

The three girls will be back at it again raising money for the homeless before Valentine’s Day. They plan to be out with their stand on Palo Verde between Stearns and Willow- dancing with their signs, having fun, and this time selling delicious homemade, Valentine’s cake-pops to help them raise more money for the homeless!

Stop by between 10am and 2pm this Saturday, January 23rd on Palo Verde between Stearns and Willow if you’d like to try a delicious treat, and get a great reminder from three local 4th graders, what holidays are really all about!



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