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CorVETTED Car and Coffee Meetups Just For You!

By Monique Garcia | Photos Courtesy of Wolf’s Brew

Attention car lovers! Maybe you want to find other people who understand why you would rather spend hours in a garage or polishing the hood of your car than doing anything else. Whether you’re the proud owner of a lowrider, a hatchback, or a fully restored classic, you are probably dying to talk engines and shop with other like-minded individuals.

Because they would understand that cars aren’t just a passion. They are a way of life. Luckily, Long Beach is a hotspot for all things dealing with four-wheeled beauties. Here are some car meets where you can get to know some great people and see some awesome cars.

Brew’s Cruise

Where: Wolf ’s Brew Coffee Shop, 4145 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808

When: Every Third Sunday

Time: 8am-11am

Instagram: @brewscruise_lb

All Makes Welcome

Where: Good Time Cafe, 1322 Coronado Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804

When: Every Last Saturday

Time: 7am-10am

Instagram: @allmakeswelcome

Shore Shifters

Where: Junipero Beach

When: Every Fourth Sunday

Time: 8am-10am

Instagram: @shoreshifters

“It’s not just about the cars. It’s about getting people together and growing a community where anyone feels welcome, no matter your make or model.” David Andrade, organizer of Brew’s Cruise.



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