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A Universal Connection...Samantha and Lorenz Morris-Tellez

By John Grossi

On July 4th, 2014, 17 year-old Lorenz Tellez brought a telescope (from the telescope store at which he worked) to his street’s annual Block Party on Marber Ave. “I was pretty excited to show the neighborhood kids something different. You always come across food and the bean bag toss, but showing someone the moon and the planets completely fascinates people,” says Lorenz.

18-year-old Samantha, who had recently moved to the other end of the block, was also at the Block Party. Noticing her and sensing she was in need of some excitement, Lorenz asked her if she wanted to look at Saturn. They ended up talking and hanging out all night.

The First Date

As teenagers living in Los Altos, these two picked a spot close by to which they both could walk the next week. They went to Bai-Plu Thai & Sushi, where among other things, they talked about how they had some mutual friends despite Lorenz going to Wilson and Samantha first attending Millikan and then OCSA. After the meal, they walked home and watched a movie.

The Rest is History...

Lorenz and Samantha struck up a Los Altos summer love that was strong enough to hold through her attending college on the East Coast the following year! The two dated for 6 years before Lorenz proposed in July 2020, as they stood on the top of Mount Baldy overlooking all of Southern California. They now reside in their home in nearby Lakewood. Samantha is a high school teacher, and Lorenz was recently called by his first-ever boss at the telescope store to come back to the shop; this time as the manager. Lorenz still likes to bring his telescope places. These days, it is usually to his wife’s school to help inspire students to become future astronomers. Or perhaps… the next telescope romantic like him!

Date Ideas from Lorenz and Samantha

• Pick a spot you can walk instead of drive for dinner!

• Go on local hikes.

• Take the chairlifts up Mount Baldy for an amazing view in the summertime.



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