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A Small Commitment with Big Impact: Consider Becoming a Volunteer at Pathways!

By John Grossi

Ahhhh… retirement… now what?

When Angela Tasker retired, her goal was to sit and do nothing for as long as she felt like it. After a long sales career following her service to the US Military, she was ready for rest.

“That lasted just two short months,” laughs Angela, “then I was like, okay, it’s time to get back to volunteering.”

Angela fell in love with volunteering at an early age and always made it a major part of her life even during her career. For 18 years, Angela volunteered with prison ministry, as well as, a variety of other organizations.

“I like what you get back when you give back to other people. There’s no way to describe how it fulfills you,” said Angela.

Angela started her retirement “give-back mission” by volunteering with Meals on Wheels. While she had always liked that organization’s work, when she began volunteering, she found that packaging food wasn’t quite giving her the satisfaction she was looking for… She wanted to be able to see the impact she was making.

Volunteerism with a Direct Connection

Angela went online and found another organization who needed volunteers- an organization she had never heard of called Pathways caught her eye. From the moment of her first training, that Angela labeled as “eye-opening,” to the first family she was paired with, Angela began to feel the satisfaction she was looking for while giving back.

“I really like the small group and one-on-one interactions through Pathways,” said Angela. “I think it’s a bigger impact when I can actually see the benefit of what I’m doing.”

What Tasker was really drawn to was the mission and purpose of Pathways. “Companionship for older adults,” she explains. “They have a hospice and a grief support side of the organization too, but I went right into the companion side of things.”

Pathways volunteers like Angela are paired with older adults who for one reason or another, need a companion. Someone to talk to.

Angela and other companionship volunteers go to a client’s home for about 2 hours every week and visit with the client and/or family. What they do is completely apart from the medical needs of the client. They are not there to treat people, they are there to listen to them, to be a friend and to be someone who cares.

Becoming a Part of the Family

Angela shared that even though you are assigned to an individual person, your impact as a volunteer reaches the whole family. During her first assignment, her client was a man who had suffered a stroke. When she went to visit him, she quickly realized that her purpose was not only to keep him company but also to lend an ear to his wife who was struggling with the sudden change in their lives. Angela became a listener to the wife and a communicator to the husband. She and the wife would talk for hours while the husband, who had trouble speaking, would listen and enjoy.

When her client had to go to the hospital for a long period of time with COVID, Angela continued to comfort his wife on the phone for hours each week. Both the husband and wife tell Angela Tasker regularly that she is truly a part of their family.

Beyond her ability to help comfort the client and his wife, she noted that the main role of a Pathways volunteer is to listen to the trials and tribulations of older adults on a weekly basis so that when the client does have time to spend with their children and grandchildren, they have already vented about the daily struggles of growing old.

“The wife cries a lot to me over the phone because she is very emotional,” said Angela, “But she also tells me that because of her conversations with me about some of the more frustrating parts of life, her time with her family is much more meaningful and valuable!”

Reinvesting in People

Angela gets immense joy out of her volunteering with Pathways and sees the need for the organization to grow its numbers both in volunteers and clients. From just a small level of commitment from the volunteer, the organization can help so many older adults feel the connection they crave.

“We live in a world where we so undervalue the older residents in our country… we sort of dismiss them,” said Angela when asked why she connected so much with Pathways mission, “With this, we’re reinvesting into people again. As long as you breath, you still have something to give to this world!”

Pathways works closely with their volunteers and clients to match people that might be a great fit! Consider volunteering at Pathways today and making a major impact in your fellow human!



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