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A Look Into The Helleda Gallery, Long Beach

Hellada Gallery | @marekdzida |

By Kathleen Mest

Offering a diverse representation of Long Beach art, Hellada Gallery is a place for connection between the community and works by local artists. Established in 1996 by gallery owner/director Marek Dzida, Hellada Gallery provides several services including art space, event space, and art classes. Art is available for view and purchase online at

Art and Event Space: Artists can rent space in the gallery to display their art and conduct showings. The gallery provides installation and customer service during opening hours on the artist’s behalf. The space is also available to rent for private events.

Art Talk: Every Sunday at 3pm, Marek hosts a free Art Talk on Understanding Art. “Visual arts is a connection to personal feelings and emotions brought to canvas; self-expression of the soul, emotions and feelings.” Artists can bring their own work to share in the discussion.

Drawing Class: A Beginner’s Drawing Class is available every Monday at 7:00PM or Saturday at 12pm. The class focuses on traditional, Renaissance techniques for students age 12 and older.

Photography Class: A free 1-hour, introductory class is offered every Sunday at 4PM. This class requires a traditional, manual film camera with focus on black and white photography.



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