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Neighbors Plus Insurance Discusses Mexican Insurance For Your Summer Vacation Plans

It’s summertime which means that summer vacations are in full effect. A popular spot for Southern Californians to travel to is looked no further, Mexico! Whether your looking to explore the mystic Mayan ruins, visit epic mountains and volcanoes, or simply enjoy an authentic tacos in Mexico City, there are a few things you need to check out before you cross the border. One of them being Mexican car insurance.

For those looking to plan a vacation to witness Mexican culture at its finest; whether you are a first-time or returning visitor, hearing that you need Mexican car insurance for your short vacation can seem unbelievable and even unnecessary. Think again!

I got the chance to sit down with John Wilson, business owner and insurance agent of Neighbors Plus Insurance to give you a go to guide on what Mexican insurance is, and why you desperately need it if your looking get cross the border this summer.

What is Mexican Car Insurance?

To start off, your automobile insurance that you have on your car here in California or elsewhere in the United States does not work for you once you cross the border into Mexico. Mexico requires tourists to have liability insurance carriers that have been licenced in Mexico.

Reason being, if you get into an accident in Mexico you’re guilty until proven innocent, whereas in California you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, liability insurance in Mexico is a must because the insurance company are the people you want to turn to if you get into an accident.

“They are your adjusters and your advocators,” John Wilson, business owner and insurance agent of Neighbors Plus Insurance said. “They’re there to prove your innocence.”

Do I Have To Get Mexican Insurance?


Okay. Let's settle this right now. You will not be physically forced to buy Mexican insurance, but why run the risk? Mexico does not recognize American auto insurance policies. If you get into an accident anywhere in Mexico, you will not be able to use your car insurance to cover the damages. As a result, Mexican authorities may arrest you and impound your car until the matter can be settled. Not to mention, Mexican prisons are brutal.

The risk and consequences are far too great to not purchase a policy before you go to Mexico. Thankfully, the process of getting your own Mexican car insurance policy is easy and comparatively inexpensive.

If My Insurance Doesn't Work In Mexico, Where Else Will It Work?

Insurance you take into the United States will adjust if you go to Canada and any of the other states that you desire to travel to. Whatever Canada or the states minimum liability limit requirements are, your states insurance adjusts to meet whatever their minimum liability limit requirements are, unless you have more coverage than the minimum.

However, if you want to go past the United States, possibly to a different continent, you have to get insurance in that country.

How Do I Get Mexican Insurance? As soon as you book the days you’re planning to visit Mexico, you should right away start looking into Mexican insurance policies.

To get started you can call Neighbors Plus Insurance and they will help you log on Mex Insure, a Mexican insurance company that has access to AIG right in Mexico. From there they can guide you into what car insurance policy you would like and how long you would like it for.

“We can do it for you, or we can point you in the right direction, such as their website where you can self quote,” Wilson said. “Say you’re not sure what days you are going yet, because you pay as much depending on how long you are going to be staying, you can mess around and figuring out the pricing yourself.”

Keep in mind, if you were to get into an accident the discussion may all be happening in Spanish in a country you are not familiar with. Getting into an accident is already enough to disturb your vacation travel plans, don't let it ruin them by having an insurance mishap. Stop by Neighbors Plus Insurance to get yourself prepared.

“We are your neighbors. We’re local, we live here, we are experienced, and we like to build a relationship with our customers,” Wilson said.


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