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Alin Party Supply Introduces Their Line Of Summer Season Themes

With the kids finally out of school and summer BBQ’s popping up left and right, there are only two words to describe this time of year: PARTY SEASON.

You finally have time to plan your ideal summer party that will leave people asking when your next party is going to be. Don't stress yourself trying to figure out what cool theme, decorations, or tableware you need. Leave it to the party experts over at Alin Party Supply to help you figure out what you need to pull off a killer party.

Thankfully for you, I got a chance to sit down with Roberta Fleming, Director of Merchandise at Alin Party Supply, where she disclosed the hottest summer party themes.

Hawaiian Luau Theme

Say “aloha” to this party theme. If you are looking for a relaxing tropical getaway without the need of buying an actual ticket to fly over to Hawaii, then this party theme is ideal. It's great for all ages, and Alin Party Supply has luau decorations to help you create an exotic and affordable tropical getaway.

Set the party in motion with plumeria and bamboo themed tableware and decorations. Take your party a step forward and consider the Hawaiian apparel that Alin Party Supply has to offer.

“From aloha shirts, headwear, hula skirts, coconut bikini tops, and leis,” Roberta Fleming, Director of Merchandise said. “If you're going to a Hawaiian themed party and you want to deck yourself out, we have everything for you to do so.”

Mermaid/Underwater Theme

Looking to go under the sea this summer? Why not throw yourself an under the sea mermaid themed party? Okay okay, I understand that you probably think this is a theme for kids, but mermaids are so popular right now! I mean even Starbucks promoted a mermaid-themed frappuccino. What little kid or adult wouldn’t love celebrating a party in a magical underwater grotto?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when throwing an under the sea party is that party-goers want to feel immersed under the water.

“We always like to provide customers with under the sea backdrops and dangling fish and bubble cutouts that you can hang from the ceiling,” Fleming said.

For those looking to provide party-goers with a good photo booth opportunity. Alin Party Supply has under the sea backdrops and a standing mermaid tail photo prop that party-goers can take pictures with.

Jungle Theme

Want to take a walk on the wild side instead? Those who are looking to throw an adventurous party with no passport or vaccinations are urged to explore the jungle safari themed decorations at Alin Party Supply.

Welcome guests with leopard, tiger and zebra print table covers. Set the scene with jungle vines, palm tree props, jungle animal cutouts, and bamboo backdrops.

“Tropical leaves and of course animal prints such as zebra, leopard, tiger are essential to a jungle themed party,” Fleming said. “Our customers like to highlight the animal prints against the tropical leaves to give off that jungle theme.”

4th of July/Patriotic Theme

For those looking to throw this holiday party after the holiday itself. Alin Party Supply keeps patriot themed party supplies up all year long.With great food, friends, and family; this is an easy way to host a memorable party that will make the founding fathers proud.

For those looking to throw this holiday party after the holiday itself. Alin Party Supply keeps patriot themed party supplies up all year long.

Popular items being sold for this theme are tableware essentials, such as napkins and plates for BBQ’s, and themed wearables such as: head boppers, hats, wigs, American flag colored leis, and beaded necklaces.

“It just ends up being scaled down to a smaller section. We always have American flags, hats, tableware, and decor,” Fleming said. “We always have patriotic decorations.”

Whatever party you desire to host this summer Alin Party Supply has all the necessary decorations to make your special event unforgettable.

*Throughout the month of July, Alin Party Supply for the first time ever will be having a Christmas in July sale. Since the midpoint of the year leading up to December is here, Christmas assortments such as: gift wrap, tissue paper, boxes, ornaments, and Christmas cards will all be on sale throughout the month of July.*


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