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The “Dirty Harry” Burger is a Munchies Dream!

Sideyard Café, in its endless quest to make ordinary food, extraordinary (have you tried their peanut butter and jelly flavored wings yet?) has introduced the Dirty Harry burger.

Now listen, I’m not saying I endorse the smoking of marijuana, but you cannot argue the fact that it is legal now. And basically, my point is, if you ever get high, or if you have an Instagram, or both…. You should probably try this burger.

I had to try it the moment I saw it and I don’t smoke pot AND I’M ON A DIET!!

Doesn’t matter. This is a once-in-a lifetime idea. Using a donut for a bun? Genius. Using the world’s best donuts ever created by Simone’s on Palo Verde and Stearns? That’s destiny. Luck of location really…since Sideyard Cafe is right across the street.

The pictures speak for themselves, but I have to say from experience. This is like the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time. It’s a flavor you’ve never experienced and it compliments perfectly.

The name is a reference to the Clint Eastwood movie Dirty Harry. “Don’t know if Clint would really like this, it just seemed appropriate for the mesh of flavor in this sweet and savory mix,” said Sideyard Café Owner Bill Cheves.

“A hint of sugar from the donut, a little salt from the bacon and a burst of flavor with the raspberry chipotle. All on our quarter pounder Angus burger!”

I went in to the experience thinking I’d have half and split it with someone else. Very unrealistic. Had one bite and realized I was eating the whole thing. Did I go on a jog a few hours later? Yeah, had to. Doesn’t matter. Worth it.

You know you want to try it. It’s something you can’t get anywhere else but Long Beach (that I know of), and you’ll definitely never have anything like this with a Simone’s donut which has long been established as the best donuts in the world.

So, grab a coupon from the 908 magazine, call for pick-up or dine –in, bring your iPhone to get plenty of Instagram and Facebook pictures, then dig-in. You never know how long a truly whacky and delicious creation like this will last until the government classifies it as unfit for the general public!


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