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Meet Jack Cunningham

Jack Cunningham is the Chief of Staff at the Office of Suzie Price


Jack Cunningham currently serves as Chief of Staff to Long Beach Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price. He graduated from the University of LaVerne in 2009 with a degree in Political Science and minor in International Studies after also studying at George Washington University in DC, and Oxford University in England. While a student Jack wanted to apply what he had been learning in his Political Science courses and chose to run for City Council in his hometown of Ontario with the goal of improving his community. Although he did not win, it motivated him to seek out a career helping others through government.

Q: How are you making an impact in Long Beach? Jack: All politics is local, especially when you work in local politics. Working for the City Council means I work every day for the people of Long Beach, and specifically the 3rd District. Major priorities for the district are improving public safety, and coming up with creative new solutions to reduce the number of people suffering from homelessness in Long Beach. There are also numerous community related projects that are a focus as we try to create a stronger sense of neighborliness and friendliness throughout the district. But there are countless other daily details that are always oriented around having a positive impact on Long Beach. I have a unique opportunity to play a role in helping people on a wide range of topics, so the goal is always to get the ball as far down the field on every issue as I can to make as much progress as I can. Working for elected officials means you have a limited amount of time to make a difference, so making effective change quickly is absolutely essential.



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