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Long Beach Bowling Club Open House 5/11

FREE Open House Event

Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club Announces Their Annual FREE Open House Event On Saturday, May 11, From 10am-3pm.

This event is FREE to everyone 18 or older with the club supplying the Bowls, lessons by experienced member instructors, and pizza as well as refreshments at no charge – everything is being served FREE courtesy of your Long Beach Club.


You have probably driven right by the club.

The Club has three greens and is conveniently located at 1109 Federation Drive, near the intersection of Park Avenue and Anaheim Street. It’s just north of Wilson High School, Blair Field, Billy Jean King Tennis Courts and cross the street from the LB Recreation golf course. It’s easy to find. It is recommended using the Federation entrance (look for the balloons) as there’s plenty of free parking.


Welcome to the Long Beach Bowling Club

When you enter the gate with the balloons, you’ll be greeted by Club members and asked to sign in. Then you will be escorted to Club House to pick out a set of Club bowls that fit your hand. Picture creating a circle with your hands by joining your thumbs and middle finger to find the correct size.

You’ll then be escorted by a Club member to one of the three greens for instructions on the art of Lawn Bowling. A Club member will explain how the bowls react when delivered (not thrown or lobbed) and why. (The bowls are not perfectly round but are “lopsided”).

Your instructor will also explain how the game is played and will demonstrate the proper way to deliver your bowl.

Next is the fun part: It’s hands on – you get to experience first-hand what lawn bowling is all about.

After your bowling experience you’ll be escorted to the Club House for pizza and refreshments and told about a special two-month period offering when you can receive instructions and ultimately join in playing along with members during regular games.

Normally, membership in the Club is on a yearly basis but this special arrangement will give you an opportunity to hone your skills and make a decision to become a full-time lawn bowler.

Please note.

For those taking advantage of the FREE OPEN HOUSE offer are encouraged to wear flat-soled shoes or sandals to protect the greens.


This could be a perfect, fun “gift” for Mother’s Day

“While we have many single or pairs guests, quite often a family group celebrating mother’s special day will attend because Mother’s Day is the next day, Sunday” noted Eileen Lancendorfer, Club President.


Want more information about lawn bowling and the Club?

Check out our other 908 app article – “A Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Bowling”.

Or check out the Club’s web site:

LBLBC is a non-profit organization. The Club maintains the greens and administers draw game of lawn bowls most every day of the week. They sponsor tournaments, keep the facility open and promote the game of Lawn Bowling as part of a national network of Lawn Bowing Clubs.


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