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Beach Cities Management Prides Themselves In Annual Property Inspections

Say you’re a tenant or a landlord and you are looking for a new place to live in or rent. You walk upon a decent looking property and decide that it might be a good candidate. As you inspect the unit, you unfortunately realize there are cracks in the wall and the plumbing doesn't work. You like the pricing but you're turned off by all the repairs that need to be done. Now you’re stuck thinking about what to do next.

At last, a light bulb goes off in your head and you remember looking at an advertisement on the Long Beach 908 website for Beach Cities Management located on 2221 Palo Verde Ave.

Beach Cities Management regulates all spectrums of property management such as advertising, handled maintenance, service requests, and billing to name a few. The property management company manages some of the most desirable rentals in the greater Long Beach and Lakewood areas, such as, Signal Hill, Rossmoor, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.

“We are the general management for properties. We want owners to not worry about the property and feel as though they have someone reliable to do the work for them.” said property coordinator Katelynn Rundenza. “We are the eyes and hands of the property and do all the hard work for them.”

The company has been successfully managing residential properties since 2001. They currently manage over 500 units, consisting of various property sizes from single family residences to multi-unit apartment buildings with onsite managers under contract.

Something that the company prides itself on doing are annual inspections for all of the properties that they manage. Each year they look over 800 properties to check for plumbing issues, roof leaks, electrical issues and more. Overall making sure the property isn't being hoarded and is in pristine condition.

If there are any home repairs or improvements, Beach Cities Management schedules for the issues to get fixed and shares the information with the owners to make sure that they feel as though their property is important and needs to get fixed.

“Every time we take on a new property, we inspect, take pictures, fix and advertise the property,” Rundenza said. “We go out and visit the property to make sure we know what we’re taking over. From there we know what steps we need to be handled.”

Beach Cities Management highlights how they often take properties from other management and quickly realize that they are not always left in tip-top condition.

“The properties are typically left without annual inspections or improvements to the building,” Rundenza said.”We pride ourselves in these annual inspections; they’re necessary so that we don't let the overall condition of the property plummet. If we see improvements that need to be made we get it taken care of immediately.”

Pricing for Beach Cities Management charges 6 percent of the total rental income or $120 per actual individual unit. If the property is a complex, the owner will get charged per unit.

“We like to be authoritative and let the owners know that this is our job and this is what we do for a living,” Katelynn said. “We like to guide them the best way we can.”

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