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Long Beach Local Erik Albaugh Tackles 200 Goals Within A Year

On a weekend night at The Prospector Bar located on 2400 E. 7th St., Long Beach local Erik Albaugh attempted what would be a pinnacle moment in his life. Albaugh gathered money from his previous paycheck and found a friend that would help him craft 100 shirts to hand out for a hug project. The main goal, to hug 100 people in a day. Albaugh used the shirts as a tactic to keep track of the hugs and to say thank you.

Throughout the night Albaugh scoured the bar and the Long Beach area attentively looking for people who would agree to hug him for a shirt. At the end of the night, he fell short by 20 hugs but admired the positive and loving energy that the goal channeled.

“You can sense even people who weren't into hugging a stranger were into it. A lot of people would questions what exactly I was trying to do,” Albaugh said. “I would explain my story and then they would cave in.”

When most people are going through a rough patch in their lives, typical solutions include going to a therapist, meditating or simply finding time to be present. However, Albaugh had a different idea in mind when he found himself going through a crummy breakup.

Albaugh recalled looking at Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues. Franklin argued that mastering concepts like temperance, silence, resolution, and more, would help individuals conquer negativity and become their best selves. Looking to better his own life, Albaugh modified the virtues into personalized goals; creating an outlet on how to cope with his broken relationship.

“Once I looked at Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues, I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to write a list of things that I want to accomplish,’” Albaugh said.

Cue the “Goals Project” which was originally established when Erik was living in Chicago. Similar to the 13 virtues, the project consisted of 100 goals being accomplished within a 100-day time span. Albaugh partakes in this challenge twice a year (Spring and Fall) with a fresh list of goals.

“When it comes to making goals I have roughly about 60 in my head,” Albaugh said. “The last 40 I have to brainstorm.”

Albaugh, who also manages local band “Freemans Dead,” highlights how his goals range in a broad spectrum between complexity and simplicity. Whether it’s a simple task of getting a portable charger, to attempting his hardest goal of being vegan for 100 days straight; tasks are proven to be accomplished by setting a due date.

“I’ve lost 70 pounds because I would go to the gym twice a day and walk everywhere I went,” Albaugh said. “Both were goals on my list that continue to keep me motivated and active.”

Throughout the journey, Albaugh demonstrates his progress on the “Goal Project” by frequently posting on Facebook. This has lead friends and even strangers to tag along, tailoring the project to fit their own personal goals and aspirations.

“I post my goals on Facebook and my friends keep tabs on me,” Albaugh said. “Making it public is helpful for me. Facebook posts hold me accountable.”

While most in Albaugh’s sphere find the goals challenge inspiring and motivating, he knows some may view it as obnoxious. Constant Facebook postings about goals have proven to annoy some of his acquaintances resulting in followers muting him on social media.

“I’m unphased with what people think because this is what makes me feel good, it's my thing,” Albaugh said.

When looking at the highs and the lows of the project, Albaugh talks about how he has failed goals numerous times and reports them along the way.

“I never actually accomplished 100 goals, the closest I have ever gotten to was 80,” Albaugh said. “I try to be transparent because you have to hold yourself accountable.”

Many of the goals that Albaugh has set for himself have left a lasting impact or have become part of his lifestyle. Without the project, Erik believes that it would be easy to become lazy and unmotivated.

Everyone has their own hectic life, but with a list of goals and due date, the unimagined becomes reality.

“It keeps me motivated and it allows me to travel; the whole process is cathartic,” Albaugh said. “I have been doing this for 10 years and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.”

Examples of Erik Albaugh’s Goal Project:

1 - 100 days vegan

2 - 100 days no smoking anything (no tobacco or weed) (edibles are ok)

3 - Meet Bill Murray

4 - Fast twice a week

5 - Alcohol only 2 days a week (and not on fasting days)

6 - Get new CDs pressed for Freemans Dead (fix typos)

X 7 - Buy a van or bus

X 8 - Get a tattoo

X 9 - Get a new ring

X 10 - Pay Off Texas lawyer

11 - Drink a gallon of water per day

12 - Get Ms Johnson (my motorcycle) back on the road

X 13 - Buzz cut off my hair

X 14 - Shave off all facial hair

15 - Write a personal mission statement

X 16 - Get a portable battery pack

17 - Repay Mike S

18 - Repay Dillion A

19 - Learn to walk away from or ignore negative situations (or things that cause you to be negative)

20 - Win $1000 in Vegas

21 - Hug 100 people in 1 day

22 - Update Freemans Dead YouTube

23 - Watch Seven Samurai with someone who hasn’t seen it

X 24 - Get a massage

25 - Visit Yosemite

26 - Visit Bradley Nowell’s grave

27 - Try Mescaline

28 - Deliver a care package to someone homeless once a week

29 - Figure out what to do with the Aluminium Falcon (my RV) & retrieve my belongings

30 - Cook something new

31 - Produce a Freemans Dead music video

32 - Don’t get arrested for 100 days

33 - Go down 2 pant sizes

34 - Move into an apartment or house

35 - Make a hidden stash box in Reddie Mercury

36 - Get a stick & poke tattoo from someone

37 - Go 3 days without speaking (complete silence)

38 - Visit the Grand Canyon

39 - Spend the night in a “haunted” place

40 - Save $10,000 in 100 days

41 - Hire a Utah lawyer to expunge record

42 - Update Freemans Dead website

43 - Go to the dentist

44 - Bring my dogs to the dog dentist

45 - Get my dogs nails clipped

46 - Get stickers made

47 - Visit the Portland homies

48 - Sing wicked world with Freemans Dead

49 - Read a book

50 - Cook a vegan meal for Tina

51 - Cook a vegan meal for Don & Lily

52 - Wear a dress for a day

53 - Create a religion and get it officially recognized by the state

X 54 - Unfollow 1000 people on instagram

55 - Get Freemans Dead instagram to 5000 followers

56 - Book a trip to Amsterdam

57 - Give someone flowers

58 - Do yoga at least 3 times

59 - Visit Mexico

60 - Make someone laugh till they cry

61 - Learn a song on the harmonica

62 - Book a LB show for Freemans Dead

63 - Draw something

X 64 - Create something in Illustrator

65 - Sit on the beach once a week

66 - Go on a motorcycle ride with Peter

X 67 - Renew my P.O. Box

68 - Go to a museum with Dasha

69 - Break up a fight

70 - Write a letter to someone you admire

71 - Write a letter to someone you loathe

72 - Send something to your brother

73 - Book a show out of state for Freemans Dead

74 - Visit NY

X 75 - Fly Joanna to CA for a weekend

76 - Learn to make pressed pills

77 - Write a short story

78 - Pay Chicago ticket

X 79 - Pay all LB parking tickets

80 - Pay Oregon ticket

81 - Pay NY tickets

82 - Get a new wallet

83 - Get a fake ID made

84 - Write a letter to your mother

85 - Don’t apologize for being a logical realist

86 - Get a pin made with tcrux

87 - Steal something from Walmart and give it away

88 - Mosh at a Freemans Dead show

89 - Speak your mind but, refrain from needless insults

90 - Help someone stuck on the side of the road

91 - Do 10 tabs of acid in a 24 hr period

92 - Create a stockpile of all current products

93 - Get a gun license

94 - Move storage facilities

95 - Make someone smile who is upset

96 - Install more lights and weird shit inside Reddie Mercury

97 - Get a house safe (after I get an apartment or house)

98 - Cut someone out of your life who deserves to be cut off

99 - Teach Zaine the importance of using proper grammar and punctuation

100 - Love unconditionally but, show people the same amount of respect you receive


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