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Saving time, money and perfecting your choice when buying a new computer

When you buy a new or used computer, the task may seem daunting or overwhelming to say at least. There is an endless number of options to choose from. Storage capacity, screen size, resolution, size and weight, and connectivity? How do you choose a purchase that best suits your personal interests without wasting time and money.

Internet advice is often generic and not tailored to your personal needs.

Luckily, Bolt Computer Training owner and technology expert, Susan Boltinghouse is your local go-to-guide, providing vital computer purchasing information that people are typically never taught.

“People think that it's their fault for not being able to use technology devices when nobody is giving them any training or showing them how to use it the right way,” Boltinghouse said. “We will help you along the learning process with patience.”

Below are tips to saving time, money and perfecting your choice when buying a new computer.

The first step in perfecting your computer choice is understanding your own computing needs. Since you are getting a new computer it's unlikely that you are going to know about everything existing in that computer. This makes Bolt Computer Training a valuable place to get expert advice to guide you toward the right choice.

“We first try to understand what some of your goals would be with your new equipment,” Boltinghouse said. “Will you be doing lots of internet related activities, do you have photographs that you want to organize, would you like to watch movies and shop.”

Another consideration Boltinghouse highlighted is taking into account where you plan on using your computer. Whether it’s at a home office, an airport or coffee shop; it’s important to take these small details into consideration before purchasing.

Once Boltinghouse has helped you identify the type of computer you like, she then helps you decipher what desired activities they plan on doing and what they need in order to do so.

“We can help you determine how fast and what type of computer you need. As well as what type of display you would like,” Boltinghouse said. “Once you understand and have selected some appropriate specifications then we can look around online to see what specials are available within your price range, that meet those needs.”

Clients at Bolt Computer Training are then granted access to roughly six local computer sources that are highly recommended. These sources are provided in an email with screen clippings of the deals for you to consider. Boltinghouse identifies where your top computer pick would be available for you to see in person. By doing so clients can get an idea of what it will look and feel before you take a leap in purchasing.

“Some of the best deals will be found online. We can lay your concerns about purchasing online and talk about vendors and considerations you need to take into account before purchasing a computer on the internet,” Boltinghouse said.

After purchasing your computer, Bolt Computer Training helps customers set up their computer. Whether it requires getting training for accounts such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Adobe, or creating and managing passwords; Boltinghouse supplies all the knowledge you need to know. Such services include several free recommended applications that will keep a customers computer safe and malware free.

“We also help customize your computer setting to be ideal for you. It's like getting a new car and adjusting the seats, stereo system and heater just the way you like it,” Boltinghouse said. “You're paying a lot of money for this equipment so it is vital to show you how to use it. When there is something with a lot of steps it's going to take time and commitment to have it become part of your lifestyle.”

Boltinghouse highlights that there is a lot of great software out there, most of it is affordable, a lot of it is free. Bolt Computer Training specializes in helping clients with the main software, Microsoft Office and more.

“We can also find possible creative programs that might do what you like. Or adjust your interest and help find out what you enjoy using to create a positive computer experience,” Boltinghouse said.

Boltinghouse offers 20 services relating to technology and computer training. Each is listed with detailed information on Bolt Computer Traning’s website


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