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Honoring Corey Haggerty 12/14/1993 – 1/7/2019

Corey’s welcoming nature made him a star growing up in Long Beach

On Monday January 7th, 2019 at approximately 12:08 pm, Corey Haggerty, 25, was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash. Corey was traveling southbound on Lakewood Blvd when he collided with an SUV that was attempting to turn left onto Willow from the 405 South Lakewood Blvd exit.

The incident has left the East Long Beach community in awe and shock. While hard to talk about for most who knew him well, the words “welcoming” and “bright” continue to come to the forefront of conversations about Corey.

Corey Haggerty was raised in Lakewood, California and attended Long Beach Unified Schools, including; Mark Twain Elementary, Leland Stanford Middle School, CAMS, and Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He attended Long Beach City College and transferred to California State University Long Beach where he graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance. Corey Haggerty was the son of Petra and Kevin Haggerty, both of whom are teachers at Leland Stanford Middle School in addition, he was loving older brother to his sister, Emelie Haggerty.

It has been a true tragedy to all the lives he has touched.

On Tuesday January 8th, 2019 California Pizza Kitchen in Lakewood closed their doors early to honor him as an employee, where family, friends, and coworkers gathered; sharing stories of work, who he was as a friend, and memories of him as a child. Afterwards, many who attended traveled as a group to the accident site to honor of Corey. There they lit candles in remembrance.

He was a high-achieving student, a true bright soul during his time in and out of the classroom. He cherished experiences such as regularly traveling to Sweden where extended family resides. His urge to travel stemmed from his youth, promoted by his parents.

A friend from Corey’s neighborhood, near the Lakewood Country Club, explains: “I felt isolated in the neighborhood until I met Corey.” He remembers watching a group of children playing tag and riding bikes. “I watched them play and have fun without me until one kid saw me and came up, and asked me to come play. That kid was Corey, that’s the kind of welcoming person he was.”

In addition, Corey’s friend reflected on his friendship with Corey, how he had a good head on his shoulders: “All of the kids in the neighborhood would play together when we were younger, whether it was skating, sitting on a curb, you name it, as long as we were together it was more than enough.” Corey treated friends new or old like they were his family. He had close long-lasting friendships and always welcomed new ones with open arms, and without judgment.

The Haggerty Family, friends, Lakewood California Pizza Kitchen Staff, Stanford Middle School Community, and several others that knew Corey; are mourning this tragedy as Corey has positively impacted so many within Long Beach. He was loved dearly and will be so greatly missed.

Family friend of the Haggerty family, Ariana Crockett has set up the following go-fund-me page to help the family with any unexpected costs arising out of this tragedy including funeral expenses.

An active forum also remembers Corey on that page and a funeral time and place will be posted there when details are sorted out.

Long Beach 908’s thoughts and prayers are with the Haggerty family and we hope Corey’s positive, anyone-is-welcome attitude permeates throughout East Long Beach and lives on as his legacy.


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