Locals Answer: What is Your New Year’s Goal?

Every year on Dec. 31, most of us reflect back on the year with a certain level of appreciation and criticism. Whether they’re memories that bring us joy or spark feelings of regret and sadness, the new year is always a time to hit refresh.

Starting off the new year with a more aware mindset allows one to implement lessons learned from the previous year. That’s why I took to the beach to ask 10 random locals what their aspirations were for 2019. The answers I received were a variety of personal goals that were a direct indication that everyone here in Long Beach is on their own path.

1. Brenda Green and Shanika Reid

Brenda: “I’ve been thinking about getting my business really kicked off in 2019. It will be a consulting business, dealing with small businesses, public relations, and giving back to the community.”

Shanika: “I’d like to get all my loans paid off and invest. A personal goal is being able to have a balanced lifestyle. Work, social life, being a wife, and I have a small business too, a wedding planning design business, that I started last year.”

2. Graciela Diaz and Olivia Aguilera

Graciela: “Accomplish a full marathon and I’m hoping I do it in less than four hours. I’m doing the LA marathon. Mother of two kids, I guess always try your best as far as being a mother, that’s always a goal.”

Olivia: “I have four kids. Three of them are triplets, and two of them have arthrogryposis, a rare skeletal muscle congenital disease that’s life term. I want to find out more local workshops for disabled children. Being able to actually start somehow the mom’s group for disabled children to find out more activities for our kids. ”

3. Jose Rosales

“Stay more active. You have to enjoy this weather. You know once you’ve lived in a place and you’re like ‘ahhh it’s alright,’ but Long Beach is special. Everyone you meet is friendly and embracing. It’s what I love about this city.”

4. Joni Miner and Story Wolovich

Joni: “I want to accomplish getting a dog.”

Makayla: “What kind of dog do you want?”

Joni: “It just matters personality it has. Cat-friendly, non-shedding, kind, and cute. I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and a dog would make me feel protected.”

Story: “My goal is to become better at singing, soccer, and acting. I want to be in a musical play because it would help with my singing and acting at the same time.”

5. Darrin Good, Diana Good, Samantha Good, and Michelle Richter

Darrin Good: “A goal for next year is to continue to go on hikes and outdoor activities. We moved to Long Beach from the Midwest a few years ago. There, the winters are a lot more intense. Yesterday, we went to Joshua Tree!”

Diana Good: “Last year I lost 20 pounds, and this year I’d like to be stronger. My dream would be able to do a triathlon this year.”

Samantha Good: “I’m trying to get a job, which is hard because there’s a lot out of my control. I’d love some sort of teaching job whether high school or college, and I’m also finishing my Ph.D. this year in Spanish.”

Michelle Richter: “My goals are always science-related. I want to finish the current project I’m working on about genome engineering.”

6. Milena Pavlova