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Locals Answer: What is Your New Year’s Goal?

Every year on Dec. 31, most of us reflect back on the year with a certain level of appreciation and criticism. Whether they’re memories that bring us joy or spark feelings of regret and sadness, the new year is always a time to hit refresh.

Starting off the new year with a more aware mindset allows one to implement lessons learned from the previous year. That’s why I took to the beach to ask 10 random locals what their aspirations were for 2019. The answers I received were a variety of personal goals that were a direct indication that everyone here in Long Beach is on their own path.

1. Brenda Green and Shanika Reid

Brenda: “I’ve been thinking about getting my business really kicked off in 2019. It will be a consulting business, dealing with small businesses, public relations, and giving back to the community.”

Shanika: “I’d like to get all my loans paid off and invest. A personal goal is being able to have a balanced lifestyle. Work, social life, being a wife, and I have a small business too, a wedding planning design business, that I started last year.”

2. Graciela Diaz and Olivia Aguilera

Graciela: “Accomplish a full marathon and I’m hoping I do it in less than four hours. I’m doing the LA marathon. Mother of two kids, I guess always try your best as far as being a mother, that’s always a goal.”

Olivia: “I have four kids. Three of them are triplets, and two of them have arthrogryposis, a rare skeletal muscle congenital disease that’s life term. I want to find out more local workshops for disabled children. Being able to actually start somehow the mom’s group for disabled children to find out more activities for our kids. ”

3. Jose Rosales

“Stay more active. You have to enjoy this weather. You know once you’ve lived in a place and you’re like ‘ahhh it’s alright,’ but Long Beach is special. Everyone you meet is friendly and embracing. It’s what I love about this city.”

4. Joni Miner and Story Wolovich

Joni: “I want to accomplish getting a dog.”

Makayla: “What kind of dog do you want?”

Joni: “It just matters personality it has. Cat-friendly, non-shedding, kind, and cute. I have trouble sleeping sometimes, and a dog would make me feel protected.”

Story: “My goal is to become better at singing, soccer, and acting. I want to be in a musical play because it would help with my singing and acting at the same time.”

5. Darrin Good, Diana Good, Samantha Good, and Michelle Richter

Darrin Good: “A goal for next year is to continue to go on hikes and outdoor activities. We moved to Long Beach from the Midwest a few years ago. There, the winters are a lot more intense. Yesterday, we went to Joshua Tree!”

Diana Good: “Last year I lost 20 pounds, and this year I’d like to be stronger. My dream would be able to do a triathlon this year.”

Samantha Good: “I’m trying to get a job, which is hard because there’s a lot out of my control. I’d love some sort of teaching job whether high school or college, and I’m also finishing my Ph.D. this year in Spanish.”

Michelle Richter: “My goals are always science-related. I want to finish the current project I’m working on about genome engineering.”

6. Milena Pavlova

“At work, we had a big grant sent for renewal, so we’re hoping to get funding for five more years for cancer research on breast cancer and prostate cancer, and just be happy.”

7. Allan Mohnen

"I’m a teacher, so my biggest ambition is to hopefully not go on strike because we’re about to go on strike. Not here in Long Beach, but in LAUSD. We’re striking for all kinds of things.”

“What’s happening is industrialists and billionaires are trying to privatize public education, and in doing so they’re trying to bust the unions. And UTLA, which is the second largest union in the country for teachers, if we succumb to what has to happen it’s a very bad sign.”

8. Javier Gonzalez and Ron Fiebig

Javier: “Be more conscientious of saving the environment. I see so many things are happening around the world, and I’d like to be a part of the revolution of helping by doing my little part.”

Ron: “I want to get involved in something volunteer wise. I love animals. I’ve been to where circus animals have been abused. It really upsets me.”

9. Ali Ahmad

“Get a medical license, start practicing, get a residency, and get on the next level on the oud...I finished medical school abroad, and when you finish medical school abroad you have to basically get a license by taking exams here. You have to get good grades and compete with the local graduates. I was born in Saudi Arabia and have been in Long Beach for a year. I love it.”

10. Madi Hectus and Marlene Albers

Madi: “I know I want to listen to different music. A lot of the time I get stuck in the same genres of music. I also want to start stretching in the morning.”

Marlene: “I also want to stretch more and practice yoga.”

What's your goal for the new year? Let us know in the comments!


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