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Save Money and Combat Winter with a Car Wax

How many times have you washed your car only to watch it acquire filth one or two weeks later? All of a sudden, it looks like the same mess you brought to the car wash in the first place.

It may be time for a wax.

There’s a reason many people wax their cars; it saves money in the long run. At Naples Island Car Wash, there are three options for waxing your car. Any wax will work toward making your car shine long after driving away from the car wash. Pick the one that fits your budget, car wash frequency, and time frame.

The Express Wax

Depending on your car and what type of car wash you get, adding the Express Wax costs between $55 to $75. The Express Wax is a liquid Carnauba wax that quickly layers a light coat over your car. A lot of wax customers will get the Express Wax as a maintenance/refresh in between their major wax jobs. The Express will generally protect your car from sun and rain for two to three months after completion.

McGuire’s Pro Finish

For a more complete and major wax, Naples Island Car Wash offers the Pro Finish. This will protect your car very well against sun rays, dust, rain, morning dew, fog, and all the like. The Pro Finish lasts roughly four to six months and costs $80.

McGuires Paste Wax

The top of the line wax is a thicker layer of protection over the clear coat and lasts longer than the others. The Paste Wax costs only $100 and can last up to eight months. The feel of your car after a Paste Wax is incomparable to the others. It is sleek, smooth, and ready for everything life throws at it to roll right off. No more particles scratching the surface of your car!

Clay Service

Prior to all waxes, Naples Island Car Wash recommends a clay service which will lift off all the oxidation and build up on the paint. An absolutely clean surface to wax always leads to best results. The clay service costs an additional $40.

Stop letting nature ruin your perfectly good car wash. Head into Naples Island Car Wash and Detail today for a wash and a wax!


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