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Amazing, Off-the-Market Lasalle Watches Available at Half Price

J&L Jewelry has something peculiar this holiday season. Seiko Lasalle watches that have been off the market 15+ years are now available for sale…until they run out, that is. Best of all, they’re selling for about 50 percent of the price they were sold at in the ‘90s!

So how did this all happen? Recently, owner Janis Krantz was contacted by her old Laselle representative who remembered that she used to sell many of these special watches. He had old samples that he didn’t need.

The ever-entrepreneurial Janis bought the watches for a bargain price, added new, working movements, and now, has a little over 40 of the units to sell until they run out.

Janis is ecstatic about the product, mostly because of the combination of beauty and durability that is unparalleled in many of today’s watches. In fact, Janis still wears her original Lasalle watch from over 20 years ago and it still looks and works great.

“What I like about these watches are they really are a piece of jewelry. They look great and they’re not super bulky like so many of the watches these days. These are really fashionable which is why women love them.”

Janis used to sell out of the watches all the time when they retailed for around $900. Now, with the leather bands going for $270, the gold selling for $300, and the diamond bands going for $400, she doesn’t expect these to last past Christmas.

“They are extremely high quality. Really nice heavy plating and made well to last. The crystals alone in these cost $100 to replace.”

It’s a deal you have to watch to believe.

If you’ve been missing the charm of Lasalle’s style and quality in this modern world, head into J&L this holiday season. One thing’s for sure, the watch will last you a lot longer than they’ll last in J&L’s stock!


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