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Advanced Auto Service and Tires Offers Free Inspection!

Looking under the hood of a car might be as confusing as AP Physics for you and me. But for advanced auto technicians, a basic inspection is actually pretty easy and straightforward. In fact, it really only takes 15-20 minutes. So, why charge for it?

At Advanced Auto Service and Tires of Long Beach, they don’t! It’s part of “getting off on the right foot” with their customers. This local business wants to earn your trust and respect, and that starts with a free inspection for ALL new customers.

Suspension, brakes, tires, fluid levels—all the stuff that you and I “never get around to—” bring it to the Advanced Auto technicians and let them take a look.

Prevention is key to a healthy car according to one of the local owners, Celine.

“Winter is coming and the last thing you want is to be driving around in the rain and have your car break down,” Celine pointed out.

Celine and her husband Jamel recently took over the long-standing auto shop on Anaheim and are breathing new life into the business. Offering customers a free inspection is part of the plan, in addition to honest, affordable car care in a clean and convenient environment.

So, don’t wait for that doomsday situation in the rain. Take your car in today for a free inspection!


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