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Gear Up and Get Auto Insurance

Auto insurance. We hear about it in commercials, see it on billboards by the freeway and know it is required by state law. But, what is the importance of it?

Long Beach 908 Magazine sat down with insurance agent Gregory Gath to learn about the ins and outs of auto insurance.

In general, auto insurance is divided into two main parts: one that pays others when you are at fault and one that helps you when your property gets damaged.

“You want to make sure that the part that helps other people is sufficient enough to fully help them, so you don't have to also dig out of your pocket,” Gath said. “If you value your own car, time, and convenience, you are going to want to make sure your coverage is good so that you are taken care of by your own insurance company.”

Auto insurance protects you from any financial shock if there is a collision, and it can make your life easier if the insurance is set up properly.

“Accidents rarely happen at a convenient times...usually when you are stressed and not paying attention,” he said. “One thing I realized is how important it is for the other person not to rely on the other person’s insurance.”

When people are involved in collisions, many scenarios can come up: not everyone has insurance, people won’t admit they have it, or insurance companies cannot get a hold of their own customers. People sometimes wait for weeks before getting their car taken care of because they rely on other people’s insurance.

“If you want to get things happening, rely on your own insurance,” Gath said.

However, no matter what, auto insurance is essential to drive.

“It is legally required,” Gath said. “Our goal is to understand what you need, what challenges you may have, as far as your driving record or amount of driving, to set up a policy.”

When signing up for a policy, there are three main legal factors insurance companies must consider for the bulk of rate. The first one is the length of time a person has been driving. The next is the person’s driving record (whether there are violations or accidents on the record.)

“And the final thing, required by California law, is how much you use your car,” he said. “Or in other words, how much you drive.”

After those three main components, there are a dozen other factors that can be used ranging from marital status to a teenage driver, etc. that determine the cost.

But in efforts to keep the auto insurance cost low, there are discounts available for good drivers, full-time students with at least a 3.0 GPA, and professional or alumni associations.

As an independent agency, Don Gath Insurance represents various companies to ensure their clients are getting the best auto insurance suitable for them. For more information on auto insurance, visit or call (562) 498-6701 for a free quote.


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