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At Neighbors Plus Insurance, One Size Does NOT Fit All

Don’t tell the inventors of the snapback hat, but at Neighbors Plus Insurance, the slogan is “one size does NOT fit all.”

Insurance is a lot like blue jeans, tennis shoes, and milkshakes—each person requires, requests, or can afford different options. But being given all those options? That’s the power of an independent insurance agency like Neighbors Plus Insurance.

“That’s still my number one pitch to people about us,” said John Wilson, an owner at Neighbors Plus Insurance. “We aren’t limited to any one insurance company. We have multiple companies that we can shop to find you the very best fit.”

There are some situations that a single-company agency or direct insurers cannot find coverage for. But Neighbors Plus has options that allow them to find the coverage a client needs. And with many companies and options to choose from, it is highly common to find a plan within your budget that covers just what you need.

So give John, Gene or Genna a call at (562) 627-1961. Remember, they’re right in the neighborhood!


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