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Introducing the “Billionaire Margarita” at Boathouse on the Bay

Ever felt like a billion bucks? Here’s your shot (pun intended). On Monday, Sept. 24, Long Beach’s highest-end margarita debuts at Boathouse on the Bay and will be available through December (at least).

Partida Tequila created the concept that will sell for $150 per drink. Only six will be available for purchase each day. So…what do you get?

It starts with Partida’s top-shelf Tequila Partida Elegante from their “Extra Anejo” category. This particular tequila, which retails between $450 and $500 per bottle, is aged for a minimum of 40 months (and often longer) in American-Oak whiskey barrels. Boathouse on the Bay plans to pair this premium sipping tequila with Grand Marnier 100 and Cointreau Noir cognac to create an unforgettable margarita.

The concoction is also served in a gorgeous Tiffany and Co. glass that becomes your keepsake at the end of the night! The glass itself retails for $65, and it sure beats your friend’s “homemade” margarita that is served in a red Solo Cup.

Sofia Partida of the Partida Tequila Family talked excitedly in a phone interview about the debut of this new libation that will showcase her family’s premium tequila. For the Partidas, Tiffany and Co. and The Boathouse on the Bay were two brands that aligned well with the “Elegante” demographic.

“We wanted to introduce people to our extra anejo category of tequila in a unique way,” Partida said. “The Billionaire Margarita at the Boathouse is not like any other drink. It is made to be an experience—an experience that allows you to meet and greet our Tequila Elegante, enjoy a special evening, and have a lasting gift to make sure you remember that special evening forever!”

When you order the Billionaire Margarita, the experience starts with a taste of the tequila neat.

“The Extra Anejo is such a beautiful sipping tequila that we really want to make sure people experience that up front,” Partida said. “The fresh agave is cooked in a stainless steel oven to avoid too much smokiness like [is often found in] comparable tequilas. The stunning baking spices such as ripe banana and Mexican chocolate create rich tones making this truly a celebrating tequila, a special occasion tequila.”

After the sipping test comes the margarita itself. Make sure your phone has plenty of battery for any and all social media photos to make all your non-billionaire friends envious. Then, when you finish, your friendly Boathouse server will take your Tiffany and Co. glass back, wash it, wrap it, and present it to you in a beautiful Tiffany box with a ribbon on top. Truly a special occasion margarita experience!

As for Boathouse, they’re thrilled.

“It’s something that nobody else has,” said manager Bryan Morris. “For them to think of us as the place they want to start this is incredible. Hopefully, it’s a partnership with Partida that will go on for a long time.”

So pony up for your special occasion this fall and holiday season. A Billionaire Margarita for just $150? It may be the best investment you’ll ever make!


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