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Long Beach High School Football WEEK 4- Gambling Gamechangers!

908 Sports has all the information for your high school football betting needs.

***No this is not real gambling so please do not report to councilwoman Suzie Price***

Poly vs. Serra (-9.5)

As good as the Poly defense has been this season, the offense has been THAT bad. And that’s the worst part about football…You have to score more points than the other team in order to win. The Jackrabbits have playmakers, it’s just a matter of getting them the football and having them take the football across the goal line. We’ll see if my advice helps the offense this week against No. 10 Serra.

Dolphin and monster aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what defensive end Elijah Dolphin has been for Poly this season – a monster. He might have four sacks in this game, but it’ll probably be tough for him to score four touchdowns and that’s what they’ll need.

Sophomore quarterback CJ Montes will make strides with two TD passes, one to Kenyon Reed and one to Jaden Wade, but Serra’s too nasty. If we’re talking history, Hershel Dennis would run for 400 yards on any Serra team, but he ran out of eligibility. Serra wins this one, but take Poly with the points. Serra 21 Poly 14.

St. Anthony at Wilson (-6.5)

It’s the Game of the Century of the Week this week at Wilson High School. Wilson hosts St. Anthony in the Battle for 7th Street. I can’t make up my mind because I care THAT much about my city, but here it goes…

First off, is it really worth it to battle for 7th Street? I mean you literally can’t get from 7th and Olive to 7th and Ximeno in under 30 minutes. Everyone and their mother are trying to get on the 22 East. Providence to Boston is almost an easier drive in all honesty. Also, I gave 7th Street a pass when Dairy Queen was run out of business in 2009, but now the Wingstop in Bixby Village Plaza gets the axe too? What a joke.

Anyway, this will be a tight one. St. Anthony quarterback Nick Billoups came through for me last week when I said he’d have a huge game – he had four touchdowns. Expect the same from him this week with two touchdown passes to Eamon Pool-Harris and Champ Rodriguez.

Wilson just continues to get better under coach Zig. The Bruins made me a lot of money last week after that huge W on the road at Huntington Beach and now they’re rolling. Quarterback Ryan Pettway isn’t one for hogging the spotlight (except for when he wears bright green Crocs), but he WILL this week. Three touchdowns for Pettway, including two in the air to Zechariah Dolphin and one on the ground.

Take Wilson in this one on a walk-off by kicker Mason Delrosario, but St. Anthony will cover. Wilson 24 St. Anthony 21.

Jordan (-2.5) at Norwalk

The J-Train is rolling full speed ahead and I’m the freakin’ conductor! Jordan might be the best team in the city right now, honestly. They’re the only team in Long Beach with a two-game win streak after another W at Lynwood last week.

I’d like to be the first to apologize to Deshon Harris…For not only spelling his name wrong last week, but for predicting he’d have two touchdowns. He actually had four touchdowns, including a 98-yard touchdown return – not a big deal.

The Panthers couldn’t lose this week if they tried and Norwalk hasn’t figured out the whole winning thing yet this year because they’re 0-3. Running back/linebacker Robert Coates is an absolute gamechanger and he’ll have a touchdown on both offense and defense – bank that. Take Jordan as the favorites with the points in my Stone Cold Lock of the Week. Jordan 27 Norwalk 24.

Lakewood vs. Corona del Mar (-13.5)

Teams that start 0-2 win their third game of the season 69% of the time, 100% of time. And whether I believe Lakewood can or can’t win – I’m right. I just so happen to believe Lakewood has this one in the bag.

I like Lakewood a lot, actually. They’re gritty on defense and they’ll run the football even if you know they’re running the football. They don’t care. Sebastian Kronberger might be the best running back, if not player in the entire Moore League. Plus, Corona del Mar has to travel to Lakewood, which might as well be a completely different country in their eyes.

Take Lakewood straight up in my Upset of the Week. Corona del Mar probably hasn’t even seen grass before. All they know is surf and turf. If quarterback Gevani McCoy doesn’t score a touchdown for the Lancers, I’ll wear red all next week. Lakewood 34 Corona del Mar 33.

Compton (-9.5) at Dominguez

Is it possible for me to have two Stone Cold Locks of the Week? Because that’s where we’re at right now. No chance Compton loses after a bye week where head coach Calvin Bryant gets two weeks to prepare.

It’s often forgotten that Compton runs the wing-T and the Dominguez Dons just don’t have the horses to slow the three-headed monster of Niles Hibbert, Terrance Pratt, and Jaheim Williams. That trio will combine for two touchdowns this week, but it’s quarterback Bill Wilson that will lead the Tarbabes with two scores.

Take Compton in this one to cover 9.5. Don’s outdated. Nobody’s been born with that name since the late 60’s. Compton 34 Dominguez 12.

Cabrillo (-6.5) vs. Compton Centennial

I’ve ridden Cabrillo quite a bit this season and this is the week they finally pull one out for me. The Jaguars are one step closer to the edge and they’re about to break. They’re right there.

Compton Centennial is riding shotgun on the struggle bus this year and they might need a little room to pray as they haven’t even scored a touchdown yet, but I think they’ll get on the board this week.

It won’t be enough though because Cabrillo receiver Marlo Fernando will take this one over. I’m expecting him to have two touchdown catches and a fumble recovery on defense to help get head coach Mike Ulufale his first win of the year. Cabrillo by a century. Cabrillo 41 Compton Centennial 6.


Los Al 20 Poly (2-1) 6

Aquinas 21 Millikan (2-1) 10

Wilson (1-2) 10 Huntington Beach 7

Mayfair 20 Lakewood (0-2) 6

Jordan (2-1) 47 Lynwood 7

San Pedro 28 Cabrillo (0-3) 7

Palm Springs 28 St. Anthony (0-3) 26

Compton (2-0) BYE


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