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Learning to Fly- At Aerial Butterflies

You’ve ooh’d and ah’d at circus performers when you’ve seen them at shows, festivals, and on the street. You’ve whispered to your neighbor, “wow you gotta be in good shape to pull that off!”

But have you ever actually considered doing aerial acrobatics as an exercise? Drifting, spinning, flipping, and gliding gracefully through the air all while building strength, core, and a flexibility you never thought you’d have.

Aerial Fabrics is one of the most interesting and exciting ways to achieve your fitness goals. Especially if you’re getting bored of the standard gym, yoga, Pilates routine. Aerial Fabrics is all-in-one and once you learn it- a skill set that will truly make your friends jealous!

I know what you’re thinking. Looks hard. Well, news flash, everyone in the history of aerial acrobatics has started off a beginner. Learning with other beginners and training with enthusiastic coaches is what makes this exercise class so fun.

The exercise class is held downtown in the Groundwork Fitness facility on Pine Ave. and is put on by Aerial Butterflies, a Long Beach-based circus performance company. Owner Hallie Jane Culpepper is a born and raised Long Beach resident who has created a company that both places and books circus performers for professional events AND teaches beginners how to learn Aerial Fabrics through this unique and fun exercise class.

They also teach kids gymnastics but we’ll save that for another time…

If you’re looking for a fun, different way to get in shape this fall…something that will make you set goals, take on a challenge, and struggle and triumph with others all in the quest of creating your own beautiful artistic performance, then…(BREATH), Aerial Butterflies Aerial Gymnastics may be for you!

Sign up for 10 session for $200 at their website or drop in to try a class before you sign on for good! All prices and time can be found at

See you at the circus (kind of – not really- it’s more of a class!)


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