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Super Mex on Spring: Paws-itively a Great Dining Experience

The dog-friendly patio at Super Mex on Spring Street is one of the most popular East Long Beach hangouts.

“We love dogs and it’s kind of our thing here at Super Mex,” said Super Mex on Spring owner Scott Williams.

On any given day, families and their dogs enjoy the open-air atmosphere on the Super Mex patio. With soothing, acoustic music playing in the background, the great food, and refreshing beer, it’s everything you need to enjoy a delightful evening with your pet best friend.

Bill and Connie Sampson, for example, frequently bring their dog Kona with them to enjoy an evening at Super Mex on Spring.

“They are so kind; they bring out a tin [of water] for her,” said Connie Sampson, appreciative of the fact that Kona gets her own refreshment. “There are not that many places in Long Beach that are dog-friendly like this.”

Bill Sampson also enjoys the food and nice weather outside on the patio.

“It’s always so much cooler out here,” Bill said. “And the food is just so good.”

Whether you’re enjoying the famous Super Mex burritos or one of their combination plates, you’ll be in pure Mexican food heaven. Make sure to ask for the special price on select traditional Mexican lager beers as well.

“We want to accompany your meal with something special,” Williams said. “My prices are lower than anyone in Long Beach as far as beers go. Here at Super Mex on Spring, you can have a really nice Mexican beer for just $2.50—just ask your server for it—and not just Corona, but you can have [the low price on] Tecate and other refreshing lagers as well.”

Williams has been a part of the restaurant business for 45 years, starting out as a dishwasher at age 13. As the owner of Super Mex on Spring, he is dedicated to providing a clean, casual, cool, and inexpensive dining experience the whole family can enjoy. And when you bring your beloved furry friend, they will be at your side enjoying the gentle breeze while you eat your meal out on the light and airy outdoor space.

“Super Mex is really all about the family and we want to include everyone,” said Williams, who adds that he loves hosting Long Beach PTA and church fundraiser events at the restaurant. “Super Mex has been a staple in Long Beach for more than 45 years and I want to continue that.”


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