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New Concession Stands, Coming to a Beach Near You

Walking down Alamitos Beach, one will see beach-goers renting equipment from Alfredo’s Beach Club, purchasing snacks, and using the public restroom facility.

Fast forward to 2020. As you walk on the pedestrian and bike path in Alamitos Beach, you see the same beach concession stand but now, it’s different. It is a two-story beach cafe, a kids' playground, equipment rental facility and more.

Earlier this week, the City of Long Beach received the green light by the Coastal Commission to rebuild the Alamitos Beach Concession Stand to enhance the beach experience and create a welcoming environment for all.

The Alamitos Beach Concession Stand will be the largest of three stands that are planned in the revamp. The project will also include rebuilding the concession stands at Junipero and Granada beaches.

Each site will have different components to better accommodate the community that utilizes it. At Junipero, the plans are to build a signature playground next to the concession stand, a basketball court north of the pedestrian path, and a fitness station. A kids’ play area and fitness station are also planned at Granada.

However, unifying elements, including the design approach, boardwalk, and site accessories will bring all three beaches together.

“The board wants to connect all the pieces together,” said project management officer Eric Lopez. “This is a significant renovation and improvement of the area, as well.”

Both Junipero and Granda concession stands are still pending Coastal Commission approval, but Lopez hopes the project will be approved by the end of the year.

Currently, the city is preparing the constructive documents for competitive bid at the Alamitos Concession Stand that will be released this fall, according to Lopez. The target is to release a construction contract early next year.


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