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Cupcakes Fit For Hollywood A-Listers

Everyone enjoys a good cupcake—even Hollywood A-Listers.

Karie Kearney, the owner of Miss Priss Cupcakes in Long Beach, has brought her delicious cupcake creations to television sets like “Grey’s Anatomy” for five seasons and “Entourage.”

“When I first opened the shop, I wanted to start catering to movies and television shows, so I picked my two favorite shows at the time, which was ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Entourage,’” Karie said. “I first contacted the production office [at Grey’s Anatomy] and they put me through to their craft services person. The ‘crafty’ said, ‘Who are you?’ I replied, ‘I’m Karie, with Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such, and I just wanted to drop off some samples to see if you like them—maybe you can order from me.’”

It was Karie’s lucky day.

“Bring me some samples tomorrow, and if we like them, we’ll call you,” said the television show “crafty.”

The next day, Karie went to the “Grey’s Anatomy” studio lot in Silver Lake and dropped off an assortment of cupcakes. Some of the most popular cupcakes at the shop are the Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, and her “Death by Chocolate” cupcake.

“The crafty on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ called me like an hour later, after I brought him some cupcake samples and said, ‘Okay, Tuesdays and Thursdays are your days, and you can bring an assortment [of cupcakes] of whatever you want,’ and he gave me a budget.” She has a picture with the entire cast and a personally-signed photograph of “Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey on the shop’s “Wall of Fame.”

The next call Karie made was to the production office of her other favorite show, “Entourage.” She met with the craft services representative on that show, Joey Rivera, across the street from the Paramount Studios lot at Astro Burger.

“I brought him some samples as well and he said he really liked them,” Karie remembered.

Working on “Entourage,” Karie made a cake with the logo of the four main characters of the show on the cake— detailed work, Karie admits, but she was up for the task. She quickly became good friends with Rivera and has been close to the craft services guy ever since.

In any business, especially the entertainment industry in Hollywood, it comes down to who you know. When catering for these television shows, Karie would bring in her specially-made cupcakes and cakes for the shows’ actors on their birthdays. Miss Priss Cupcakes quickly became a favorite on-set, and she followed Rivera to his next craft services project on the set of “The Last Ship.”

Travis Van Winkle, one of the show’s stars, sent Karie an autographed picture of himself to thank her for the cupcakes. It’s one of many you can find hanging on the wall at Miss Priss Cupcakes.

“He said that our cupcakes were ‘the bomb,’” Karie said with a laugh.

Stop by Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such to check out all of her television memorabilia and the many actor headshots she’s accumulated throughout the years, thanking her for the delicious cupcakes! For more information about Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such and to get in touch for catering, visit or call (562) 377-6385. Also, check out Miss Priss Cupcakes & Such on Instagram.


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