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Meet Your Mail Carrier: Kristen Darrow

Kristen Darrow started working for USPS 29 years ago and has delivered to the same route in 90815, the Los Altos neighborhood, for 18 years. Ironically, her route is in her childhood neighborhood! Kristen Darrow grew up in Long Beach and attended Stanford Middle School and Los Alamitos High School.

A fun fact is that at one point, Kristen used to deliver to her mom’s house! Although her mom’s street is not included in her route anymore, she said with a grin, “I can still go over there for lunch.”

Today, she lives in Long Beach with her husband, Richard. Her three children, Brandan, Katelynn, and Cameron, are all in their twenties and are making her proud.

Cycling is one of Kristen’s passions outside of work. She enjoys riding her bike to and from work and on the San Gabriel River bike path.

“I love riding by myself because it’s fun and peaceful,” Kristen said. She’s been cycling for about eighteen years and also frequently participates in races, one of which is the Long Beach Marathon.

This past June was her third year participating in the Great Cycle Challenge. Kristen pledged to ride a total of 500 miles in June to help raise money towards fighting children’s cancer. Within the month, Kristen rode 561 miles! And since starting the challenge, Kristen has raised over a thousand dollars.

Kristen says she loves delivering mail to the Los Altos neighborhood because “the area is [her] beat and [she] knows it.” One time on her route, a brave toddler ran out of his house and around the corner with his toy lawnmower to “mow” his neighbor’s lawn. When Kristen heard his mom shouting for him, she walked the young boy and his lawnmower safely back home.

Kristen also loves to chat with the neighbors and learn their names.

“I usually learn the dogs and the kids’ names, but not everyone’s,” she jokingly admitted. “I love to talk to people and learn about things from the past.”

Kristen feels fortunate to deliver to her childhood neighborhood because the people are friendly and know her. It is clear that she loves giving back to the community that raised her, and Los Altos is lucky to have her.


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