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JP Crawford Returns from DL

Lakewood High School alumnus JP Crawford is back on the Philadelphia Phillies big league roster after a short stint on the disabled list. A right forearm strain for most (meaning me) means a year on the DL, at the least. But, Crawford’s a warrior and only needed a month.

Before the injury, he started 20 of 26 games at shortstop for the Phillies and hit .188 in 64 at-bats with two home runs, the first two of his career. In classic Philadelphia fashion, some media members freaked out saying, “He’s having a rough rookie season.” Hey Philadelphia, CALM DOWN. You won the Super Bowl. WE GET IT. Ever heard of patience? The Philadelphia media is like the person that everybody hates at restaurants.

“Excuse me, I haven’t received my creamy tomato basil soup yet.” Uhh, yeah that’s because you literally ordered 30 seconds ago. Relax.

Crawford is going to be fine. He’s by far the best baseball player to come out of Long Beach this decade. He was Long Beach’s highest draft pick (16th overall) since Aaron Hicks in 2008 (14th overall, Wilson) and nobody has been drafted higher since. Crawford was must-see in high school and you could just tell this guy was going to be a big leaguer some day. If he played in the Moore League this year, there’s zero chance there would’ve been Co-Players of the Year – even though that’s the theme these days.

And the best part about Crawford isn’t even one of his five tools. It’s the one tool that matters – his kindness. The golden tool. JP Crawford is the nicest dude in Long Beach and I guarantee if you say “Hi” to him on the streets after he and the Phillies win the 2018 World Series, he’ll respond. Just don’t ask him if he can get you in the Phillie Phanatic costume. I already tried.

The Phillies are 32-28 this season, only three games back of the National League East-leading Washington Nationals. They host the Milwaukee Brewers for a three-game set this weekend.


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