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Ariyonna Augustine Going For Back-to-Back State Titles

Track and field athletes are SEVERELY underappreciated…just like any Keanu Reeves movie ever.

Running is a punishment in literally every other sport, but track stars roll out there to practice every single day anyway. Make a bad pass at basketball practice? “Set of lines!” Miss a blocking assignment at football practice? “Run a mile!” Make too many errors at baseball practice? “Take a lap!” How awful does that sound?

You go to track practice thinking, “Yeah I guess I’ll just go sprint for three straight hours…” Track stars need to have the same amount of mental toughness as Michael Clarke Duncan’s character in “The Green Mile” (RIP) and it’s just overlooked.

Poly senior Ariyonna Augustine (LSU signee) is the fastest high school girl in the state of California right now, which is insane to think about, and people need to know about it. What she’s doing is amazing. Last year, she won state titles in both the 100 and 200-meter dashes. Remember back in elementary school when the fastest person in the class was the coolest person in the class? Well, Ariyonna is the coolest girl in the state as of right now.

She defends her crown at the CIF State Track and Field Championships in Clovis this weekend with a HUGE target on her back. It takes just the right amount of humility, arrogance, and focus to continue to win and she’s got it. She’s doing it. Everyone knows she’s the best and she does too, which would make this repeat all the more impressive.

So, when you’re just relaxing at home this weekend here in Long Beach, remember the name Ariyonna Augustine. She’ll probably be winning ANOTHER state title — not a big deal or anything.

Another reason why I know track and field is underappreciated is that the state championships are in CLOVIS. Are you kidding me?! Why would CIF do that to these kids? You probably couldn’t send them anywhere less miserable in the entire state of California. Shame on you, CIF.

Anyway, good luck to Ariyonna and all the Long Beach athletes heading up to Clovis this weekend. I’m thinking about you and the rest of the city should too.


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