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5 Themed Parks In and Around Long Beach

Whether it is a pirate adventure or a colonial town, here are some of our favorite themed parks to visit in and around Long Beach!

As parents, we spend a lot of time trying to keep our kiddos entertained while spending the least amount of hard-earned dollars as possible. Seriously, someone could easily go broke keeping just two kids amused for six hours a day!

For my wallet’s sake, we’ve spent a lot of time with packed lunches exploring local parks. Remember when we would go to the park and it was just the same ol’ primary color hues with #basic swing, slide and monkey bar set-up? Now, there is a park trend that I love where they create spaces that are thematic — dinosaurs, spaceships, and pirates — oh fun!

Our kids have been gifted this special park experience and we love exploring local neighborhoods in search of the most interesting playgrounds. Here, in no particular order, are our top five themed parks to visit in and around Long Beach.

“Off-Road Park” AKA Reservoir Park

3315 Gundry Ave., Long Beach 90755

This park has a lot of space to roam, which is fantastic because the blue jeep with the big tires and two steering wheels is ready for little ones to climb in and imagine off-roading through the grass and over rocks. Speaking of rocks, there are plenty of mini vertical rock formations for climbing. Hiking boots are optional.

“Airplane Park” AKA Jose Del Valle Park

5939 Henrilee St., Lakewood 90713

This newly-renovated park is a gem — a lime green and cobalt gem. There is a huge shuttle structure for littles to roleplay in and climb on. Make sure to get a pic of your kiddo taking the wheel in the cockpit while she blasts through outer space. A series of ladders, ramps, and rungs ascends to ground control — a platform with buttons and levers, and a pretty sweet slide for making a quick exit to other parts of the space center.

“Pirate Park”

16559 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower 90706

This park is quite small and hidden behind a row of businesses, but man is this park cool. Just walking into this enclosed park gives you the feeling of being in a special secret hideaway with netting cast across the archway and faux pillars inviting you in. Once you enter, prepare to encounter a huge pirate ship with chests overflowing with treasure and cannons lined for battle. The most memorable part of this park, however, is an impressive rock formation that resembles a skull. A little eerie but a lot of fun!

“Pumpkin Park” AKA San Martin Park

5231 Ocana Ave., Lakewood 90713

Kids love this park for its two huge model horses pulling a Cinderella-like pumpkin carriage. There are lots of unique play equipment that invites kids to jump, crawl, and just generally exercise their gross motor skills. My little one particularly loves the spinning pumpkins; she rides until she gets so dizzy that she can’t stand straight. It’s not my idea of a good time, but then again, nowadays, a few sways on a swing have my stomach turning. Finally, there is a pretty rad zipline for zooming past other fairytale-loving friends.

“Heritage Park”

18600 Bloomfield Ave., Cerritos 90703

Cross over Charlestown Bridge and into the Heritage Park play island. The island houses an intimate colonial town with faux shops like “Printer and Binder,” “Apothecary” and “Old State House.” The shops have indoor play structures within them and connecting them making this playground a truly unique adventure. Once you’ve traveled through the small town, climb aboard the docked ship and wave hello to the geese and ducks patrolling the lake. Don’t forget to explore the portholes, cargo nets, and watermill.


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