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LBUSD to Host Open Houses This Week

The time of the year has come for families to flood the schools for open house May 22-24!

It’s about to be another lively summer in Long Beach, and the city will be flooded with its sixth graders embracing their new identity as seventh graders, or sophomores who just officially became upperclassmen.

Before they move on and move out, the time of the year has come for families to flood the schools for open house. It’s time for the honored tradition of reflection on the academic year’s accomplishment, with a focus of course on the class’ most visually appealing projects. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a premium gloating opportunity for any kid.

Long Beach Unified School District middle schools will host their open houses on May 22, high schools’ will be on May 23 and then elementary schools on May 24.

LBUSD has 120 active schools, public and private. The start and end times vary from school to school, so be sure to know the details of your school’s schedule if you plan to make it.

For those who remember open houses as a thing of the past, maybe just remember to avoid driving through school zones the next few nights if you’re in a hurry.

High school and middle school students will have minimum days Tuesday and Wednesday. Elementary schools will be excused early on Thursday.

Dismissal time (load time for bussing purposes) on minimum days is as follows:

Elementary and K8 Schools out at 2:10/2:15 Minimum day 1:00

Elementary and K8 Schools out at 3:10/3:15 Minimum day 2:00

Middle Schools out at 3:40 Minimum day 2:18

High Schools out 2:40/2:50 Minimum day 1:10/1:20

High Schools out 3:40 Minimum day 2:10


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