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Legends Sports Bar is Gearing up for the FIFA World Cup

Get ready to watch some football — and before you say “football season is not until the fall” think again!

We’re talking about soccer, and if you haven’t been to Legends Sports Bar on 2nd Street during World Cup Finals, it is something to behold. The 2018 FIFA World Cup dates are June 14 to July 15. Visit Legends Sports Bar, the first modern sports bar in America, to watch all the action on the giant projection screen.

“It’s going to be an exciting time for us here at Legends, there is so much great soccer to see this year,” said Eric Johnson, co-owner of Legends Sports Bar. “With the World Cup occurring every four years, it’s going to be very exciting. We always get a lot of people to come out [to Legends].”

For an up-to-the-minute review of the World Cup schedule, make sure to check out the FIFA website. Legends Sports Bar will be broadcasting all the games according to the published schedule on the FIFA site. It’s world-class soccer at a world-class sports bar during World Cup mania! Goooooooaaaaaal!!!!!!!


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