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Neighborhood Walking Spots

Long Beach offers many walking destinations whether you love the city, beach, or nature reserves. Here are some of our favorites!

Spring and summer mean flowers are blooming, the sun feels warmer on our skin, and going outside for a stroll feels natural. Long Beach offers many walking destinations whether you love the city, beach, or nature reserves; there is something for everyone!

Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is a long street with many small treasures along the way that make for an uplifting walk. For starters, the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in North Long Beach is a beautiful building that opened in September 2016. The library offers many programs that serve the community as well as a community garden!

Further down Atlantic Avenue in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood is another fun walking location for community members.

The small businesses on Atlantic Avenue add so much character to the neighborhood. There are many beautiful things to see and delicious food to savor.

Downtown Long Beach

If you continue on Atlantic Avenue, you can find yourself in the downtown region of Long Beach. Here, there are many pockets that make for an excellent stroll.

The East Village Arts District offers beautiful colors and architecture that will have you feeling inspired and blissful.

The Promenade in Long Beach is a surprising open walkway nestled in the downtown landscape. The walkway is dog-friendly and offers free waste bags for walkers.

Bixby Park

Bixby Park on Cherry Avenue is lush with gorgeous views and delicious food. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there are Farmer’s Markets, which makes this excellent area to stroll, play and eat!

Perhaps after the Farmer’s Market, you’re feeling full and need an extra long walk. Well luckily, right across Cherry Avenue, is the beach.

The bluff, the green threshold right before the beach, is the place where many try to capture the perfect snapshot of their dogs.

Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path (Long Beach Bike Path)

This long path on the beach offers gorgeous views of the ocean and many stops to rest and explore.

2nd Street

If you continue on the Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path and travel inland on Granada Avenue, you’ll discover 2nd Street, a lively area filled with small boutiques, diverse restaurants, and many happy hours. This street also offers many cute dog sightings along your walk as many places are dog-friendly!

Marine Stadium Reserve

This nature path offers a view of the marina and puts those who walk the path or around the park in a peaceful state of mind.

El Dorado Duck Pond

The duck pond is a nature retreat for those needing a miniature escape. Enjoy an afternoon strolling the path with the family. There’s usually good music on the weekends when many festivities take place


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