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The Future of Flooring

Summer is approaching and you might feel the urge to finally tackle a home renovation. When it comes to selecting the right flooring, look no further than waterproof carpeting from

Family Floors.

Summer is approaching and you might feel the urge to finally tackle a home renovation. And maybe you’re starting from the bottom up! Flooring makes up the largest horizontal space in your home, so it has a huge impact on your overall design scheme. But how do you choose the right flooring with so many options out there?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to enjoy the comfort of carpet but were opposed to some of the maintenance that comes with it. Especially if you have pets or children that make messes often, it sounds like a pain. Nonetheless, carpet provides safety for growing children and noise reduction (who doesn’t love peace and quiet).

Look no further because Family Floors has the solution! Melissa and Jay, the owners of Family Floors, have years of experience not only running a family business but also raising their own family. They know how important it is to choose flooring that will represent your taste and complement your lifestyle.

Waterproof Carpeting

The good news is that carpeting is making a comeback! Not only that, but Family Floors carries waterproof carpeting. This is no joke! New carpeting technology, called LifeGuard, makes carpet cleaner than ever. This technology uses Shaw Floors’ R2X Stain and Soil Repellent that prevents any liquid from seeping below the surface.

LifeGuard’s magic is created during manufacturing. The carpeting is saturated in the proprietary R2X formula from the very top of the fibers to the very bottom. This ensures thorough protection from any mess! If the liquid does soak into the carpet, it will never reach the cushion or subfloor thanks to the LifeGuard backing, which is also, you guessed it, waterproof.

Color Trends

Now that you feel reassured that carpeting is still a great choice, what colors might you choose? For starters, don’t be afraid to look beyond beige. Grey is an amazing neutral color that promotes a relaxing, modern aesthetic or adds an exciting touch to your space by incorporating a playful pattern. Bold patterns are another carpeting trend that Family Floors loves, and these patterns can add a “wow” factor to your home while completing your design scheme.

Family Floors Can Do It

Whatever your needs are, Family Floors can make it happen and bring your flooring dreams to reality! There’s no magic here, just a family owned business working hard to offer excellent service. Contact Family Floors at (562) 506-0505 to get your summer project kick started!

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