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Tips for a Stress Free Visit to the Dentist

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of anxiety that accompanies many people when they go to the dentist. However, it is crucial to get regular teeth cleanings to maintain overall health. Here are a few tips from Long Beach dentist William Walton to assuage those fears and anxieties.

Dr. Walton

Have Your Dentist Walk You Through the Steps of Your Appointment

“I cater to explaining things to my patients and listening to their concerns,” said Dr. Walton, whose office is located on Bellflower Boulevard. “Listening to people is essential. Hopefully patients will leave my office having had a positive experience. To me, that is the best part of my job, is seeing somebody who is uncomfortable walking in and watching them leave and having them say, ‘That wasn’t so bad.’”

And as a side note, when you leave Dr. Walton’s office, say goodbye to Billy the fish in the fishtank!

See a Dentist Regularly

“When you’re in pain, things have gone too far and the prognosis could be worse,” Dr. Walton said. “So going to see the dentist before things get out of hand, before you’re in pain, is key. When we catch things sooner, the fix is always a lot simpler.” It varies by person how many times they should see a dentist within a year. But Dr. Walton says that two times a year is adequate for most people to avoid problems, especially those dreaded words: root canal.

It’s Good for Your Overall Health

“Our mouth is full of bacteria which we need; it’s an amazing place,” Dr. Walton said. “You get a cut in your mouth, and it heals right away because of all the bacteria.” When your gums aren’t in good shape and gum tissue starts accumulating plaque underneath — because the gums are vascular in nature — they swell up and sometimes, to the touch, bleed.

“All of this bacteria in your mouth starts going into your bloodstream and impacts your heart. You don’t want all that bacteria in your bloodstream; you want it in your mouth where you need it,” Dr. Walton said.

Don’t Freak Your Kids Out

Lead by example. Don’t say things to your children like, “Wow, that needle was huge!” or, “That prickly thing is really sharp!” Dr. Walton says the kids who come to see him and fear the most are usually fearful because of their parents. Kids will become less scared of the dentist if they see from their parents that, in reality, it’s not so bad.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Walton call (562) 421-5314.


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