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Long Beach Parks Honor History and Heroism

Charles R. Drake

Drake Park 951 Main Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813 Drake Park, located west of Maine Avenue, is named after another Civil War veteran, Col. Charles R. Drake. Col. Drake was the proprietor of the Old Virginia Hotel in Long Beach and the president of the Long Beach Amusement Company. Additionally, he played a major role in bringing the Pacific Electric Company to Long Beach in 1902 and opening the old bathhouse in Belmont Shore. Drake moved to California to make investments in Long Beach in 1900. The park was deeded to the City on January 11, 1904 by the Seaside Water Company, in which Drake was president.

Mother's Beach

Mother’s Beach at Marine Park 5839 Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803 Marine Park is one of the most widely known and visited park areas in Long Beach. And at the crux of Appian Way and East 2nd Street sits “Mother’s Beach.” Because of the calm waters for children to play in, as well as the shoreline playground, this seaside park has become a favorite summer destination for families from all over Long Beach. The 4.6-acre park also combines a grassy tree-lined area, perfect for mothers to grab some shade while their children play.

Houghton Park

Houghton Park 6301 Myrtle Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805 Situated near Jordan High School, Houghton Park is named after Col. Sherman Otis Houghton, who purchased the North Long Beach ranch in 1896 where the present day Houghton Park is located. Houghton was a member of the U.S. Congress from 1871 to 1875 and was the first representative from Southern California.

The La Bella Fontana di Napoli and Treasure Island

Naples Island The La Bella Fontana di Napoli stands in a park-like setting in Naples on Ravenna Drive. It literally means “the beautiful fountain of Naples.” Another hidden treasure in Naples is none other than Treasure Island Park. At just a tenth of an acre, it is one of the smallest parks in Long Beach, but a well appreciated “treasure” by residents of the secluded Treasure Island, where the park is located.

El Dorado Park 7550 Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90815 El Dorado Park was named by school children in a contest put on by the Long Beach Unified School District in February 1956. “El Dorado” means “golden land” in Spanish.


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