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The Best Advertising Outlet in Long Beach

Long Beach 908 Magazine has proven since 2011 to be the most effective and premier outlet for small businesses to advertise in East Long Beach.  Our dedication to helping small businesses grow is unmatched and the success stories of our advertisers are many. Here are a few important facts that explain why we hear over and over “your magazine is the only publication where I’ve actually gotten calls from my ads!”

1.  We were created from the start to advertise small businesses.  Many publications want to share the news, or tell stories, and they expect advertisers to support them.  Our magazine’s primary focus is to help small businesses get returns on their ads.  All content is built out with that goal in mind.

2.  We are very in touch with the demographic in East Long Beach and all content is very real and relatable to the great residents here.  We don’t print generic press release stories, rather brainstorm long and hard to create stories and pictures that will entice our readers to keep and read our magazine.

3.  Our magazine is glossy, colorful, printed on expensive paper and only distributed four times a year.  People in East Long Beach look forward to getting our publication and actually even call us when they feel they’ve been waiting too long!  We do not over bombard them with nonsense, rather we make four very meaningful magazines each year.


4.  Our rates are extremely fair and affordable.  We are not an offshoot or sales people from some corporation trying to sell a few ads to make a living.  We are a local, small business just like you, rooted in the community, and looking to partner with other hardworking entrepreneurs in Long Beach.


5.  Call or email to set up a meeting and hear more about where we distribute and what all our sizing prices and options are.  We promise to be straightforward, honest, and give you all the information, then leave you alone to make your own decisions!     562-682-8846,


6.  Check out our site at

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