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About Us

We highlight local businesses, local teams, and local people. 

Real, authentic, sometimes funny, content about living in the 908'


We Know East Long Beach.

Long Beach 908 Magazine is a glossy, print publication hand crafted for East Long Beach. 


Every 3 months we deliver our magazine for free to 25,000 doorsteps in 90815, 90808, and 90803. Our magazine focuses on life in East Long Beach. The people, the businesses, the organizations, things to do, and fun facts!

We cover a different "theme" each time that helps showcase why Life is Great in the 908 and of course a big part of that is all the local businesses around town.


Our mission has always been simple: Help connect East Long Beach residents to the wonderful small businesses and organizations in the area. Promoting small businesses through affordable and effective advertising always has been and always will be at our core.

Our secondary mission is to be "real." That means we want our content to accurately reflect the residents of East Long Beach.  We are not influenced by politicians, millionaires, or any of the big public or private entities that tend to intercede themselves into many Long Beach ventures with good intentions.

We are a small business that stands for other local businesses. We are life long residents that write for other real residents


I grew up in a small business and understand the needs, passions, struggles, and realities of running your own operations. This magazine and all of the side marketing help we offer is a direct result of knowing what business owners need.

From an advertising standpoint we offer extremely affordable door-to-door distribution of a high quality ad surrounded by high quality and relevant content.  No one can compete with prices these low, to as many homes as we go to, AND combine the amount of effort we put into our content. I have a pure passion for helping our advertisers that other media outlets just can't compete with.

From a marketing standpoint, I can help your business with an array of projects and guarantee a work ethic you won't find anywhere else.  All with no contracts.

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Life is Great in the 908.

So, what does that mean?  It means that the longer you live here, the more places you discover, the more people you talk to, and the more places around the globe you compare us to, the more you realize Long Beach is a damn near perfect spot.

I focus on East Long Beach lifestyle because that's where I grew up. But the whole city is amazing.  We have the beach and a beautiful bay minutes away from a slice of movie-like suburbia. Our schools and sports systems produce the most high achieving down-to-earth professionals in every field across the country.

We are diverse in every way you can think of. Ethnically, religiously, politically, economically, and interest-ally (hmm made that up).

There are about 40 dream vacation-spots just a short drive away. Yet, most people, most of the year choose to stay in this unique, big city, small town, gorgeous place full of neighborliness, community, and quirks. Why?  Well, it's because...

Life is Great in the 908!

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